Brittany From The Bachelor: 5 Facts To Know About The Contestant

You are about to learn more about Brittany. She was eliminated from the TV show The Bachelor on week four and her current net worth is unknown.

Who is Brittany from The Bachelor?

“The Bachelor” TV show is entertaining like it’s supposed to be. It’s not like the outside world where a girl gets to meet different guys on dates to find her perfect match. On “The Bachelor,” a lady is supposed to stand out among the contestants until the end of the television show. Beating all 29 women to be the last one standing is not easy. Brittany Taylor, aged 30, was ready to do whatever it took to win Arie’s heart but unfortunately, Brittany was eliminated in week four. So, who is Brittany? Brittany is a tech recruiter, with a good net worth, that doesn’t find guys interesting. According to her, making a strong romantic connection these days is challenging to “The Bachelor” contestants and to the audience as well. Brittany wasn’t even shy to state that she met two men through dating apps and they turned to be terrible. By joining the TV show, Brittany had come to find out that there was still a serious guy remaining in this world, and that was Arie. She wanted someone who would match her real and prosperous life, but Arie didn’t have the same thought. I mentioned that Brittany is a tech recruiter. That’s exactly what she does, and she’s contracted by Google. Brittany once posted a photo of her on Instagram and captioned that it was her dream to move to Austin and to get the job she has, even though she thought she wouldn’t achieve that dream. Well, that was undoubtedly a dream come true for Brittany, but not most dreams come true though. It’s not clear why she wanted to work for Facebook or Twitter.

She had an injury on the TV show

Brittany had a bad start on the show when she became injured on the first group date. Here is how it all went down. Arie decided to take all the contestants to a race car-theme date, since he was a professional race car driver. So, all the ladies on the TV show went with him on a demolition derby date. Every contestant including Brittany had a chance to pimp her car. Then, all of them got a chance to smash against each other’s cars and they had so much fun. The girls enjoyed the moment only to realize Brittany was injured in the race. It wasn’t so serious and Brittany even showed up at the next rose ceremony. But that doesn’t mean all her experience wasn’t good. That wasn’t really the case. She didn’t waste her time immediately she joined the TV show. Brittany challenged the bachelor for a race. Going back to her injury, Jenna said that Brittany smashed everyone’s car and then she was not seen around again. She then wondered if something terrible had happened to her or she decided to go home. Jenna then discovered that Brittany wasn’t feeling her best.

She was given the hardcore certificate

Arie said that Brittany told her that she wasn’t feeling well. He added that he was planning to spend more time with her and hoped that she was okay. No doubt Brittany was okay, and she even showed up at the cocktail party just before the rose ceremony. Brittany even joked with Arie that she was ‘still alive’ when he asked if she was well. Brittany probably got hurt in the race, but she had to be strong and show up to be in front of the man who made her come to show. On their one-on-one date, Brittany told Arie that it was a fun day for her but really intense. Arie felt terrible that Brittany was hurt and so, to acknowledge her, he presented her with the most ‘hardcore’ certificate. That somehow gave Brittany some hope and she felt like she made a step forward in cementing her relationship with Arie. But then Brittany wisely stated that she couldn’t get too comfortable without the rose. She further added that it was so early on the TV show, but she was liking herself.

Facts about Brittany

She has an active social life

Brittany mentioned that her past two boyfriends were not good and that she met them online. That is proof enough that she likes to spend time on social media. She frequently uploads her photos on Instagram and shares her opinions on Facebook and Twitter. She also likes going out a lot.

Brittany is close with her family

Brittany’s family hails from Columbia, South Carolina. She was asked by ABC what she would do if she won a lottery and she answered that she would buy her parents a home and also pay her own student debt. Now that Brittany didn’t get to win Arie’s heart, we know why she has so many financial daydreams.

She doesn’t live alone

Brittany has a pet Corgi which she describes as the ‘the guy in her life,” and she hopes that she will get engaged and finally get married in in five years. In the meantime, she hopes to adopt another extra corgi.

People she would dine with whether alive or dead

Brittany stated that she would dine with Hillary Clinton, Beyonce and Chris Evans.

She loves wine

Brittany enjoys festivals and wine nights with her group and also likes a good Netflix and Nutella day.

Brittany’s net worth

Her net worth is not clear, like most contestants. However, she must be having some net worth to hold on to. The bachelor, Arie, has a net worth of $5 million.

Being eliminated from the TV show wasn’t the end of Brittany. She became even more famous, and now that she has the attention, she might get a serious man, hopefully.