Brad Pitt From ‘Inglourious Basterds’: 5 Instagram Pics You Need To See

It’s no secret that Brad Pitt has definitely made a name for himself in the film industry. Included here are the top 5 Instagram pics you NEED to see!

Brad Pitt – Actor

Everybody knows and loves a good Brad Pitt film. Brad Pitt is an American actor and producer. Pitt has received multiple award recognition for his efforts, including the Academy Award as a producer under his own company called Plan B Entertainment. Pitt was first recognized in the road movie Thelma & Louise in 1991. From that point on, Pitt was truly destined to be an actor and to be a big name in the film industry. In 1999, only some odd years later, he starred in Fight Club, a movie that was centered around an insomniac worker who is looking to change his life somehow. He eventually crosses paths with a reckless being who introduces him to forming an underground Fight Club that evolves into something more. Brad Pitt played one of the main characters, Tyler Durden. Another fantastic film that Pitt starred in was called Troy, back in 2004. As you may have guessed it, Troy is centered around Greek mythology. The film follows an assault on Troy by Greek forces and the stories of the men that are involved. Brad Pitt plays the very well-known role of Achilles. The film was a fantastic adaption from Homer’s original epic of the story. Everyone’s favorite, Inglourious Basterds, came in 2009. Pitt was the star of the show, that was centered around France during World War II. The plot entails a plan to assassinate the Nazi leaders performed by a group of Jewish U.S. soldiers correlating to that of a vengeful theatre owners’ own plans of extermination. It is unarguably one of Brad Pitt’s best films. The film Fury follows shortly after in 2014, another box office hit. Fury is centered around a war in Germany, taking place in April, 1945. The actions that take place on the battlefield from the general commander turn him into a legend. Brad Pitt plays Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier, the main character of the film. While Brad Pitt’s IMDb is consistently being updated with all of the activity Pitt does in the film industry, fans can catch a brand new movie called World War Z 2 sometime around 2019. It was only recently announced so there’s no telling how it will be in comparison to the first World War Z. Only time and more updates will tell how the film will pan out! Psst, Brad Pitt captured the leading role. Make sure to keep up to date on the scoop on World War Z 2! In addition to all of these already amazing accomplishments, Pitt also has a reported net worth of $240M. What!? Who has a net worth higher than Brad Pitt does?

The Top 5 Instagram Pics You NEED To See!

While Brad Pitt doesn’t have an official Instagram himself, we can always count on the die-hard fans to give us the best pics of him, old and new!

Hello, handsome! Everyone loves pics of long-haired era Brad Pitt, complete with a dapper outfit and (presumably) alcoholic beverage in hand.

Throwback! Even though we all LOVE pics of long-haired Brad Pitt, we also can’t get enough of the short-haired Brad Pitt pics. We’re obsessed! Who thinks Pitt could pass for a 90’s NSYNC member?

These kinds of pics probably make everyone’s heart melt. Brad Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie; the two compliment each other so well. Pitt’s and Jolie’s marriage is definitely #goals!

This is one of the many Instagram pics from the movie Thelma & Louise that Brad Pitt starred in way back in the day. I think we can all agree why this role is a favorite. All the heart eyes for Brad Pitt in this movie!

Now we can all see why Angelina Jolie is obsessed with Brad Pitt- he’s drop dead gorgeous! Maybe Pitt should take up part-time modeling in his free time. Thoughts?