Why does Boxbox smurf? An insight into this Twitch and YouTube star’s career, playing techniques, childhood, and relationships!

Boxbox’s real name and childhood

Boxbox is a YouTube and Twitch star. His actual name is Albert Sun Zheng. He was born on 17 June 1996 in Fairfax, Virginia. There are not many details about his parents on the internet but in one of his Reddit thread, Boxbox has mentioned that he needs money and can earn it through his channel. He asked his viewers not to hate him since he earns the money to give it to his parents which are supposedly in debt.

Source: Gamespot (Boxbox)

He said that he gives the cheques he receives to his parents who then pay off the debts. The cheques that his parents receive are with his consent and he feels it is his responsibility to try to help them out of this difficult situation.

In his Facebook account, Boxbox has mentioned that he is the third favorite child of his mother. So probably Boxbox has two more siblings. Their names and details are unavailable. The family is of Chinese descent.

Boxbox’s career details

Boxbox completed his high school in 2014 and then took a year off after that to concentrate full time in streaming. He had already created his YouTube channel called as Boxbox on 29 July 2011. He posts various videos on this channel. He has managed to collect around more than 1 million subscribers. This channel has received more than 152 million views till now which is a great feat. His video ‘That is how 5years of Riven looks like’ was uploaded 2 months back and has more than 1 million views. His video ‘Sexiest Arcade Riven Cosplay Ever’ has more than 3.5 million views, ‘45%CDR Riven’ got more than 3.2 million total views while ‘Boxbox Best moments #9-Be My Valentine!’ has around 3 million views. These are some of his popular videos.

Boxbox is also active on Twitter. He has 137k followers and regularly tweets about his various new videos, day to day issues, and events. His total tweet number is approaching 2000. He has a Facebook account with more than 272000 followers.

Source: YouTube (Boxbox dressed differently in his video)

Boxbox also does live stream. He and his fellow YouTube star Dmitry Garanin both do streaming of League of Legends gameplay on Twitch. His name Boxbox comes from the fact that the symbols are shown as boxes in the game. His dog Skype also appears frequently when he is playing on his stream. His Twitch has amassed more than 1 million subscribers. It has also managed to have an enormous 50 million total views. He has posted more than 1200 videos on it. These videos are liked by the viewers and through these and the advertisements posted on the YouTube channel and his other social media accounts, Boxbox is making a decent income.

He admitted on Reddit to having used smurfing techniques to gather more followers and have more money from his social media.

Boxbox’s relationships

Boxbox was in a relationship with Annie since 2014. In July 2017, it was announced on Stream that the two have split. The reason for this breakup is not known. He is apparently single now and does not have any new current girlfriend after Annie. There are also no details about his previous romantic flings if any.

Source: Twitter (Boxbox with Annie)