Becca Kufrin’s Ex Boyfriend Wiki: Everything To Know About Ross Jirgl

Becca Kufrin’s ex boyfriend tried to get her back again during the filming of The Bachelor, but failed. Let’s read more about Ross Jirgl.

Who is Ross Jirgl?

The 2017 season saw Ross Jirgl for the first time as a sports performance coach for the Cardinal football program. Jirgl arrived at Stanford after one season at South Alabama, where he worked initially with the men’s basketball team. Prior to that, he was the head, strength and conditioning coach, at Wisconsin-Green Bay. There he had the opportunity to design and implement a performance program for seven Phoenix teams including men’s basketball. For two years, Jirgl practiced an assistant strength and conditioning coach at Indiana State, where he worked with the men’s basketball program. Along with that, he also aided the Sycamore football team and was the strength and conditioning internship coordinator. After receiving his undergraduate degree in biomedical science from Minnesota State in 2013, Jirgl did his internships at both Stanford and California. While he was at the Minnesota State, Jirgl was a four-year letter-winner for the Maverick football team, playing linebacker and helping the program to a pair of conference titles. As a senior, he also helped the Mavericks advance to the semifinals of NCAA Division II and a 13-1 finish. The Mavericks posted a 38-11 overall mark — including a 33-9 record in conference play — during his career. Twice named to the academic all-conference team, Jirgl was an ESPN the Magazine Academic All-District V second team selection as a sophomore. Jirgl is certified by both the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA).

Becca Kufrin

Becca Kufrin is a 27 year old Minneapolis-based publicist who shot to fame after participating at The Bachelor TV program. She is from the Midwest. Kufrin was raised in Prior Lake, Minnesota. She works as a Public Relations in charge during the day. Kufrin works as a publicist for Skyya, a technology-focused public relations firm where she uses her “charisma and commitment” to help her clients. She studied mass communications and public relations at Minnesota State University and graduated magna cum laude. Kufrin’s favorite movies are Sister Act 2, Pitch Perfect, and Gladiator. Her father had died of brain cancer when she was 19-years-old. Kufrin loves her wine and mostly travels with her bottle wherever she goes. Kufrin did get in trouble for underage drinking in 2009 and was fined at least $431. She’s outspoken about her political beliefs. Kufrin is a Democrat and supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. The zen yoga life is the life for her. She loves animals too and her favorite is her lovable corgi, Max.

Becca Kufrin’s relationship with ex boyfriend Ross Jirgl

Becca Kufrin was the front-runner on The Bachelor 2018 aired in January. She had been vying for the love of racecar driver Arie Luyendyk on the show. But, as everyone has a past and each contestant has a life outside the show, The Bachelor, Becca Kufrin too had a relationship with football coach Ross Jirgl. During the show, a surprise visitor turned Luyendyk’s life upside down by giving his ex girlfriend Kufrin, a surprise visit. This not only disturbed Luyendyk’s growing interest in her but also turned her life topsy turvy. The plot in the episode of The Bachelor before it was aired read as, “In one of the most dramatic twists in Bachelor history, a mystery visitor arrives ready to upset Arie’s dreams of a happily ever after. A determined man has flown all the way to Peru to win back his ex-girlfriend. A series of intense confrontations follows, casting doubt on which two women Arie will choose and who will be sent home brokenhearted.” This mystery man was Ross Jirgl, Kufrin’s ex boyfriend. His appearance angered Arie Luyendyk greatly. Jirgl came on the show hoping to win Kufrin back. In a preview clip of the episode, the man, who has been identified as Jirgl, was heard saying that he doesn’t want to be on camera and that he just wanted his girl. On the show, Luyendyk exclaims that, “It’s just kind of blowing my mind that he’s here. It’s fucking upsetting. I mean, right now I’m angry. I’m angry that he’s here. And I’ve had my heart ripped open and I don’t know how this is gonna end.” Jirgl and Kufrin had met in college. They went on to date off and on for seven years. And, Kufrin had also mentioned that her ex was important because he helped her figure out what she wanted in a future relationship. Jigrl had helped Kufrin deal with her father’s death. Kufrin’s father was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer and he died when she was 19 years old, in 2010. She continues to miss him today. Kufrin admitted to Luyendyk that she was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend longer than she should have been, partly because he helped her grieve the loss of her dad. Kufrin said that he was really there for her and helped her deal with the tragedy. On the show, Kufrin was proposed to by Jirgl and that completely catches her off-guard. Unfortunately for Jirgl, Kufrin rejected his marriage proposal. Kufrin told him that too much had happened between the two of them that was unhealthy and she never wanted to go back to that kind of relationship.

Self-Hypnosis: Lifestyle with Positive Affirmations

Ross Jigrl has authored a book named, ‘Self-Hypnosis: Lifestyle with Positive Affirmations. The book can be summarized as below: Self-Hypnosis: Lifestyle with Positive Affirmations is a complete modifiable self-hypnosis script that is to be used to tap into the deepest part of your mind using your own words to persuade yourself to living the life you are capable of. Within; are the tools to reveal the magic, boldness and power that lie within you! Ross mentions in his book that he has a degree in biomedical science and is an avid athlete. He says that he was looking for a way to help himself live the life he knew he was capable of in terms of; relationships, athletics, career, and just a better person in general. He wrote this scrip to provide himself with all the tools necessary to live the life he desired under the controlled persuasion of self-hypnosis. This script has helped him to achieve the level of success he wanted in life and become the person he is today. Because of the affect it has had on his life, he is thrilled to get it out to more people where the power of self-hypnosis can be spread and the lives of many can be changed! The book ‘Self-Hypnosis: Lifestyle with Positive Affirmations’ is available in stores and has had many positive reviews.

Ex boyfriend Ross Jigrl on why he crashed the show

Jirgl had crashed the show The Bachelor late in the filming process, in November, after he came to know from a mutual friend that his ex-girlfriend of seven years, Becca Kufrin, was on the show. He had managed to track down contact information for the show’s producers, who ultimately were receptive to his story and his visit. Jirgl appeared on set in Peru to try to win Kufrin back before it was too late and she was potentially engaged to Arie Luyendyk Jr. Whether he did it because he suddenly realized his love for her or whether it was a publicity stunt, let’s find out. His crashing on the show didn’t go well. Kufrin made it clear she was no longer interested in Jirgl and that she was angry he even showed up. Jirgl, hurt, was soon on his way back to the airport. His crashing happened four months before the show was aired and after that his action put him in the nationwide spotlight. He gained 19,000 Instagram followers in the past week, and he’s developed somewhat of a cult following from fans of The Bachelor. Jirgl explained in an interview about what exactly happened — and why. Jirgl, like many assistant coaches, started bouncing around the country, with stops at South Alabama, Wisconsin-Green Bay, Indiana State and California before landing the full-time gig at Stanford. His job had initially required him to move a lot and he’d asked Kufrin if she’d consider moving from Minnesota to the Bay Area to be with him to which she said no. There had been no contact between them since then. But he said that he missed her terribly and hence when he came to know about her participation in the show, he knew he had to meet her and propose to her again before it gets too late. He explained that he had to risk his job and also risk making a fool of himself on national TV but he said that he had to do it. When he met her, he could sense in her eyes that she no longer felt the same way about him. “You know when you look at somebody when you’re dating them and you can see in their eyes, like, there’s a light inside that looks back at you? I didn’t see that light anymore. … I knew from the moment I opened the door that it wasn’t going to go well for me. I had put myself in a position with a very low success rate, but I had high hopes still.” But he does not regret going there and trying for the last time. He said not going there would have made him regret more. “I had a lot going on in my head and heart, and I wanted to keep them there,” he said. “I took the microphone off and gave it back to them and thanked them for their time. I thanked them for the opportunity of a lifetime, the opportunity to chase love. That’s something that I’ll forever be grateful for and grateful to them for that. Whether they were actually trying to make good TV, or they were trying to help two people find love, I’ll never know.” Jigrl also said that he had been surprised by the overwhelming response and that he had least expected it. He has since decided to move on in life.

Net worth

There is currently no information on the net worth of Ross Jirgl. The net worth of his ex girlfriend Becca Kufrin is also currently unavailable. Looking at the fact that both of them are still young, their net worth might not be very substantial as of now.

Ross Jirgl is quite active on his social media especially on his Instagram. He is available on Instagram @jirglross. Jirgl has 22.8k followers on his Instagram account. He posts a lot of his random personal photos and photos of his football events on his Instagram account.