Azzedine Alaia Wiki: Net Worth, Death & Facts To Know

The legend of Fashion, Azzedine Alaia died at the age of 77 leaving his net worth of $18million and his exhilarating and eccentric legacy

The Fashionista: All You Need To Know About Azzedine Alaia

While he was a teenager, he acquired his education in sculpture from a local Ecole des Beaux-Arts in his hometown Tunis, Tunisia. After moving to Paris in 1957, he started working with some of the big names in the fashion and luxury industry, including Thierry Mugler, Christian Dior, and others. Alaia started establishing his own boutique in his small apartment from where fashionistas Greta Garbo and Marie-Helene de Rothschild among other picked up their favorite gowns. Soon, in 1980, Alaia unveiled his line of ready-to-wear collection. Did you know that Alaia used to work as a dressmaker along with his twin sister to pay for his school education and supplies?

In the same year, Alaia rose to fame when his leather coats were seen by Bergdorf Goodman which is when Alaia was roped into the United States where he opened his own store. By the end of 1984, the great legend has won various accolades such as Best Designer of the Year from French Ministry of Culture and others. According to the sources, it took 1,600 hours for Alaia to design the wedding dress of supermodel Stephanie Seymour in 1995 which made him a really big name in the industry. This also marked the every-growing and glittered career of Alaia such as his first catwalk which took place in July 2011 which was star-studded with likes of Sofia Coppola and Donatella Versace.

Alaia announced about his own designer store in Paris back in 2012 and by the March of 2013, he opened one with his excellent and artistic sense of design and art which were portrayed on his every dress which he designed.

Azzedine Alaia: Age, Height, Weight And More Stats

The great fashion designer is known for his minuscule height of around 5-feet 3-inches. He was born in Tunis, Tunisia on February 26th, 1940 to his farmer parents and died at the age of 77-years on November 18th, 2017 in Paris, France.

Can You Guess What Is The Net Worth Of Azzedine Alaia?

Do you know what is the paycheck of Azzedine Alaia? If not, then the answer will surely blow your mind. According to a Celebrity Net Worth website, Azzedine Alaia banked approximately $18 million as of 2017 before his death on November 18, 2017.

The Facts That You Must Know About Azzedine, Your Favorite Fashion Designer

The designer opened his two boutiques in two cities wherein, his collection of clinging clothes were named as ‘The King of Cling’ by the media. Many celebrities and style icons have been spotted wearing his ‘The King of Cling’ collection and other collections, including Carla Sozzani, Tina Turner, Shakira, Naomi Campbell, Janet Jackson, and others. Azzedine Alaia has acquired his net worth of staggering $18 million on his own terms and conditions. The designer has remained free from the marketing-driven logic even after being owned by Prada. Until before his death, he has been announcing and organizing his own fashion shows. As per Alaia, the real money for a fellow designer is in his/her line of perfumes since perfumes are highly-expensive but Alaia never believed in it.

Do you know what perfume and scent made Alaia impress? It’ the smell of fresh air which according to him is something which is truly perfect. He never wore any cologne to signify his ideology for the ‘fresh air’ perfume. In the 90s, Alaia acquired a license from the Beaute Prestige International after which he launched his first fragrance. Alaia has been reportedly heard saying that he doesn’t like the way how Anna Wintour, the founder of Vogue runs her business well but doesn’t have any sense when it comes to fashion. As per Alaia, Anna usually scares everybody but she gets scared when he is around. He has contradictory opinions about Karl Lagerfeld too. Citing his interview with Vergine Magazine, he stated that Karl lacks the sense of fashion and that he would die rather than being in any advertisement, unlike Karl who has been a part of this flawed industry doing the advertisements and all.

Alaia received the honor of presenting the solo exhibition at Groninger Museum in 1998 in New York. If you are looking forward to checking out his perfect dress collection, walk into the Barneys New York along with other high-end brands. He has styled his own shoe collection which you can find his shoes at Bergdorf Goodman. Do you know that Michelle Obama, the ex-first lady of the United States was the regular client of Alaia? Michelle was spotted wearing the designer dress on several occasions such as during NATO dinner in Strasbourg, France in 2009 and then at the American Ballet Theatre among others. Alaia has been a popular choice for other famous celebrities and first ladies such as for Carla Bruni, the first lady of France in 2009.

How Did Azzedine Alaia Die?

It is a sad demise that Alaia died on November 18th, 2017 at the age of 77 Years due to heart attack.

All You Need To Know About Awards and Accolades

Alaia won the Fashion Awards 2017 from the British Fashion Council which his daughter, muse, and a friend took on behalf of him. Alaia begged acclaim from Donatella Versace and Kanye West in 2011 and others.