Avani Gregg: 11 Facts About Tik Tok’s Favorite “Clown Girl”

Absolutely not a clown when it comes to her influencer level!

To those of us who only use our social media platforms to spam our followers with sad, sappy, and generally senseless memes- the mind-boggling fame and popularity that some people can create for themselves seem too good to be true. While it’s much easier to remain cynical of these up-and-coming TikTok and YouTube stars, a closer look at the TikTok phenomenon, Avani Gregg aka “The Clown Girl,” reminds us that popularity and fame, much like everything else, comes after a staggering amount of hard work!

Although Avani is primarily known for her creepy, yet intricately detailed clown makeup looks, this TikTok icon has much more up her sleeves. She regularly posts content related to makeup, comedy, challenges, transitions, and her groovy dance moves!

If that wasn’t reason enough to subscribe to this young and talented TikTok star, Avani was also one of the OG Hype house members, which included the likes of the most followed person on TikTok, Charli D’Amelio, and her then-boyfriend, Chase Hudson, who’s better known by his username ‘Lil huddy.’ If you’re anything like me, you might just find yourself wondering if there’s more to popular TikTok stars than what meets the eye. Well, you’re in for a treat, since this article covers everything you need to know about the seventeen-year-old TikTok star who’s taking both the social media platform and the beauty industry by a storm!

11 Facts About Avani Greg You Might Not Know

1. Her life before fame is well, quite ‘normal’

While it may be mind-blowing to the normal social media user to get overwhelmed just looking at the numbers of likes and views that Avani’s TikTok and YouTube videos pull in, life wasn’t always like this for this Indiana Native. A Hoosier right to the core, Avani Gregg was born and raised in midwest Indiana, where she lived with her family until moving to the wildly popular social group Hype House in 2018.

As stated by our favorite TikTok makeup artist herself, in a recent collaboration with YouTube legend, James Charles, she started her career on social media at the tender age of fourteen! In the beginnings of her TikTok career, however, Avani used to make videos using the American Sign Language (ASL), in an attempt to raise awareness and encourage more people to start using the ASL as well. Since her TikTok career as a makeup artist took off, however, she has private and deleted those videos, since they differ from the type of content she now posts.

2. Avani belongs to a biracial family

 Another interesting fact that only adds to Avani’s amazing personality is that comes from a diverse, biracial family. Her father is of African-American descent, while her mother has Indian and Mongolian ancestry. This explains where the seventeen-year-old gets her gorgeous name from. Similarly, her sisters also have names hailing from an Indian background and are called Priya and Shanti. As some people might say, diversity is the spice of our modern lives- and Avani is the living proof of that. As stated by the TikTok phenomenon herself in multiple interviews and Q/A videos, Avani loves to celebrate her racially diverse ethnic background, and she adores all the different parts of her ancestry!

3. She has aspirations to become an actress

While Avani might host a massive audience on her social media accounts, with over 26 million TikTok followers, 14.1 million followers on Instagram, and more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, a huge social media following is definitely not the end of the road for Avani. Although she’s got a massive career as an influencer right now, the TikTok heartthrob has dreams and aspirations of pursuing an acting career. Needless to say, if her TikTok career is just but a vague reflection of her acting talents, we can only imagine how amazing her acting career will be! Having said that, however, we still wish that she posts content on her TikTok and YouTube once her acting career takes off since we’ll always miss her warm presence on the platform.

4. Avani was once a member of the live guard

Although Avani is still only seventeen years old, a fact that most people forget considering the staggering amount of success she’s had at such a young age, she’s had a pretty exciting life so far, even before her TikTok fame soared her to heights of fame! Right before her TikTok was at the heights of popularity that it is now, Avani Gregg used to work as a lifeguard in a swimming facility located in Indiana. While Avani thoroughly enjoyed that job, she had to quit once her social media platforms started to take off, since people would only visit the pools to see her or take pictures with her. Fortunately, she quit at a time that was suitable, and gave her the opportunity to focus on building her online presence as well!

5. She never thought she would reach such heights of fame

Much like several other TikTok and YouTube stars, Avani never had the slightest clue that her TikTok career would take off in the manner that it did. Never in her wildest dreams, did our favorite seventeen-year-old TikTok star imagine that she’d now have more than 26 million followers. Instead, at the beginning of her career, Avani posted the content that she enjoyed making instead of posting videos that she thought would make her famous on the platform. It was this authenticity and dedication, which ultimately led to Avani becoming the TikTok star that she is today.

6. Avani isn’t exactly a fan of being called “Clown Girl”

The first viral video that Avani posted to TikTok, which quickly garnered a whopping three million in the weeks following it, was that of Avani transforming into a creepy, and yet somehow, attractive, clown character, complete with intricate details that made the transformation eerily realistic. Owing to the massive popularity of the video, Avani quickly garnered the reputation of being TikTok’s coolest “Clown Girl,” a nickname that has stuck ever since then. While Avani is grateful for the clout that nickname brings in, she isn’t particularly fond of the nickname since she feels that it isn’t a “good thing” to be known for on the internet.

7. She grew up as a competitive gymnast

As we mentioned above, even before she reached the heights of fame, Avani has had quite an eventful teenager. Our favorite TikTok phenomenon grew up as a competitive gymnast but had to, unfortunately, give it up due to a back injury. She was on her way to becoming a level 10 gymnast, but she had a stress fracture in her back, which was when experts advised her to quit the sport. She ignored the advice, and broke her back again, which was when she had to leave the sport for good!

8. She’s one half of a TikTok power couple

If you’ve been an avid user of TikTok, chances are you’ve got all the tea on the dating scene of the platform. While most of these relationships end badly( yes, we’re looking at you Lil Huddy), Avani and her beau, Anthony, are still going stronger than ever. Although they’ve only made their relationship official in April 2020, there have been dating rumors linking the pair together since November of last year. Either way, we’re glad the two find their way to each other because we literally can’t help but gush each time they post a picture together.

9. Avani knows exactly how to deal with her haters

Unlike other TikTok and YouTube personalities who tend to ignore the haters and bullies that plague the internet, Avani knows just how to deal with her haters. In a video on her YouTube channel, Avani made it clear that she isn’t afraid of her hater, and she actually enjoys replying to hateful comments and messages. If this isn’t a bold display of the confidence that this seventeen-year-old is brimming with, we don’t what is.

10. She would love to do Billie Eilish’s makeup

Source: https://i1.wp.com

There’s no one who could understand Avani’s creepy, and strangely intriguing aesthetic better than pop sensation- Billie Eilish. In an interview, Avani mentioned her makeup aspirations, and said that she’d love to do Billie’s makeup someday. Whenever that day comes, we’ll be the first one to smash the like button on the video, and celebrate the duo!

11. Her sister, Shanti, is also an internet sensation in her own right

It would seem, as though fame runs in this family’s blood. Avani’s older sister, Shanti, is huge on Instagram, with over 158k followers. Shanti, it would seem, is well on her way, to become the next social media influencer, and honestly, we’re here for it!

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Fans can’t help but be impressed with the multitudes of talents that this seventeen-year-old girl has to offer. Needless to say, it comes off as absolutely no surprise that Avani, in a shockingly small amount of time, has garnered a whopping number of 26 million followers on TikTok. Whether it be her wacky and fun makeup looks, or her quirky and bubbly personality- there’s just something about Avani that keeps the audience entertained continuously.

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