Arianna Fontana Partner Wiki: Everything To Know About Anthony Lobello Jr.

Anthony Lobello Jr. has represented both the United States and Italy during the Winter Olympic Games His partner Arianna Fontana, won gold this year in South Korea.

Partner in real life, too

It’s believed that if your spouse is also from the same profession, then things get less complicated in life. It’s said that you’ll understand each other’s dedication towards work and that you’ll give each other the space that is required in order to get the job done right. Anthony Lobello Jr. and Arianna Fontana seems to be a firm believer of this because they found love on the skating arena and now very soon they will walk down the aisle to be joined in marriage. As Arianna Fontana said in one of her interviews that it was an immediate attraction, but they did take some time to fall in love.

Though the date of their marriage was right around the corner, they held off on planning their wedding because of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. They put all of their focus into improving their skills rather than finalizing the details of their wedding. Lobello and Fontana are skating partners and real-life partners as well. It was during the 2006 Winter Olympics that Fontana and Lobello met. Lobello was representing the United States during the 2006 Winter Olympics and Fontana was representing Italy.

Being an Italian-American, Lobello represented Italy at the 2014 Winter Olympics though he didn’t have much experience prior to his appearance at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy. Lobello participated in the Olympics game with only 3 years of skating experience, but he still managed to surprise many with his outstanding performances.

Anthony Lobello Jr. – the coach

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games have given enough reason for both partners to be happy. Fontana won a gold medal in skating at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games though the journey from being a skater to the coach of the love of his life has not been easy. Lobello moved to Italy to represent his country in speed skating so that he could be close to Fontana. Lobello is now the coach of Fontana and he’s made sure that Fontana is trained well and possesses the nerve of steel to win the medals.

Their hard work has paid off as Fontana recently won a gold medal. Lobello knew Fontana well enough to customize her exercise pattern and work on her weaknesses and hone her strengths. He only has praise for his wife’s stability and reflexes. He looked at her diet, her schedule, and even her fitness routine to ensure that she only got the best of everything that is required to race to the top.

Arianna Fontana and Anthony Lobello Jr.’s relationship

Their relationship has only grown stronger with time and now as her coach, he understands her better than before. Like any other couple, they also love to do regular stuff like watching Netflix while cuddling up on the couch.

Their Instagram accounts are filled with pictures of the proud moment. Social media, including Instagram is filled with photos of this amazing couple. Though Lobello has become a coach that doesn’t stop him from adding to his net worth. The net worth of Anthony Lobello Jr. is still under review, so the exact figure remains unknown.