Anna Veith Wiki: Everything To Know About 2018 Olympics Silver Medalist Ski Racer

Anna Veith, the ski racer, recovered from her injury to win a silver medal in the 2018 Olympics. Her net worth and love story makes for an interesting read.

Anna Veith – a ski racer from the very beginning

Anna Fenninger was only two years old when she started skiing. Fenninger is her maiden name; after her marriage to Manuel Veith, she changed her surname to Veith. Anna has won many accolades under her maiden surname. Then came a time when she was down with injuries. Veith had no other choice than to wait until she had fully recovered. Anna Veith’s husband, Manuel Veith, is a snowboarder himself and has represented Austria in many international events from 2001 – 2013.

Anna Veith trained herself to be strong enough to win a silver medal in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Recovering from an injury is not an easy task, but Veith trained hard to secure a position on the podium in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Initially, she was a little bit disappointed at losing out on the gold medal, but she soon realized that she is still healing. Winning a silver medal in the given scenario is a great achievement in itself.

Veith’s cousins were also ski racers. Due to seeing them skiing around, she also picked up the sport. Veith believes that one should have respect for themselves and others. Anna Veith made her World Cup debut at the age of 17. Veith was the World Cup champion for the 2014 season and the 2015 season. This World Cup champion has 3 gold medals under her belt in the World Championship.

The net worth of the silver medal winner

Though Veith was completely out of action last year, she still has managed to earn a handsome net worth of 2 million Euros. Veith is associated with several social service causes. Thanks to her sponsorships and endorsement deals, she has accumulated quite an impressive net worth. Her net worth for the year 2017 to 2018 is still under review.

Anna Veith and social causes

Veith uses her popularity on various social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to spread awareness about different social issues. Following her Twitter account will make you aware of her thoughts on different issues. Apart from being a pro in Alpine skiing, she is also a certificate holder of Hotel and Hospitality Management. Veith has not only excelled in Alpine skiing as a ski racer, but she is also good at designing.

Veith has designed some items for a limited edition of branded jeans that went for auction to raise money for a charity fund. Veith is also the ambassador for a conservation society that looks after the cheetahs in Africa. Veith uses her Instagram account to upload pictures of her work.