Anna Torv Wiki: 5 Facts to know about Wendy from “Mindhunter”

You may know Torv from the recent “Mindhunter” as Wendy Carr, but did you know her husband Mark Valley was a “Fringe” costar? Here are 5 facts about the actress, including her net worth.

1) Torv was hand-picked for her role on “Fringe

Before starring in “Mindhunter” or chosen for “Fringe,” Torv was not the star she is today. She was just another hopeful from Australia. Still her audition tape managed to get to JJ Abrams and he was so impressed by her tape that he knew immediately that she was the one for the show. And she was’t the only one competing for the role, Torv ended up beating over 300 other actors hoping to get the part, and was chosen out of 40 from Australia to reprise the role. She would go on to recieve acclaim for her portrayal and was named a TV Guide Fall TV’s New Faces of 2008

On the set of “Fringe” Torv met her ex-husband Mark Valley

Mark Valley was a costar on Fringe, and he played the character John Scott, and FBI special agent just like Torv. They were married but only stayed together for a year. Aftwerwards they were separated and her divorce from Mark Valley was finalized in 2010

2) Torv is related through marriage to Rupert Murdoch

Torv has an aunt who is a writer named Ann Murdoch Mann. She was married to the media mogul for 31 years. Rupert Murdoch is well known for the media empire he inherited and went on to make bigger. He is quite wealthy, with a net worth estimated at 13.3 billion. Torv has done well for herself in the acting world, slowly growing her career through small parts, then moving on to bigger parts, showing her strong performances and eventually reaching the height she has reached now. This said, it may be surprising to know that “The Daughter” actress’ net worth is estimated at 6 million USD. No paltry sum in any way, but still it pales in comparison to the net worth of her aunt’s ex husband. I guess it does pay to inherit a huge fortune!

Rupert Murdoch here pictured at an economic forum. He has an estimated net worth of 13.3 billion dollars. He is the acting CEO of Fox News.

3) JJ Abrams knew Torv was perfect to play Wendy Carr on “Mindhunter”

“Fringe” was JJ Abrams’s short lived series on Fox that introduced the world to Olivia Dunham as portrayed by Anna Torv. She was a special agent with a knack for solving difficult cases. The cases became increasingly bizarre until there were multiple realities and Dunham must use her intelligence, grit and determination to solve the mystery. After directing and watching Torv’s gripping and well executed performance as an FBI agent, it was no mystery that she would be going places. Torv’s role in “Fringe” may have prepared her for the portrayal of an FBI agent, but it was a far cry from what the real Wendy Carr was like. Dunham was more of an action FBI agent in the midst of supernatural phenomena, while Carr was a real scientist working on real problems-the pyschological conditions that led to serial murderers. The first season of “Mindhunter” did not reveal much in the way of exposition about the character of Carr, but from the historically accurate nature of the show in all other areas, I think viewers can be prepared to learn more about Carr and see a bit more into her personal life as the second season begins.

4) Anna Torv is originally from Australia

If you were unconvinced that Torv was an Australian through and through, just listen to this. Torv was actually in nature camping in the outback of Australia when she was offered the role of Olivia Dunham in “Fringe” by director JJ Abrams. I don’t know if it gets more “Australian actor” than that. Anna Torv was born on June 7th, 1979 in Melbourne, Australia. She would go on to live in Gold Coast, Queensland. In interviews Torv has said that sometimes she grapples to think of what her American character would say in the situation, because her accent and vocabulary are sometimes different. Torv has one younger brother and her most well known aunt is writer Anna Murdoch Mann.

5) Torv: Beyond TV and Movies

Video game fans may have been confused upon playing “Heavenly Sword” and hearing Torv’s voice as the character of Nariko. Although she has voiced her disdain for video games in the past, saying that they are too violent or glorify violent behavior, she has said that she chose to do the voice over for this particular game because she viewed it as a different art. She has also reprised the role of Nariko in the movie adaptation of “Heavenly Sword.” After finishing her studies at Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art in 2001 she when on to act in an Australian movie called “White Collar Blue.” She continued working in Australia on shows such as “Young Lions,” and the acclaimed “The Secret Life of Us.” Her breakthrough would come after appearing in the BBC series “Mistresses.”
This was the point that led to her eventual portrayal on “Fringe” and her subsequent big roles. Torv also starred in the 2015 production “The Daughter.”

Make sure to keep an eye out for Anna Torv’s character on the next season of “Mindhunter” which was picked up for a second season and will air in late 2008- according to David Fincher’s interviews. The show was reportedly picked up by Netflix before it had aired, showing good judgment from the executives and foresight, as “Mindhunter” became a breakout show and brought the three main actors to the forefront, including Anna Torv. We’re excited to see what this actress’s career will look like in the future!