Ann Wedgeworth Wiki: Net Worth, Age, Movie, & Facts To know

Ann Wedgeworth was an actress and all-around total babe. She had a long, successful career that landed her a net worth to brag about.

Ann Wedgeworth, Rest in Peace

Ann Wedgeworth, a famous Hollywood actress, faced death at the age of 83 on November 16, 2017. The actress had a long and prosperous career, beginning at the ripe age of 24-years-old. Ann Wedgeworth battled illness for a long time before her death, and she died peacefully in a nursing home in New York. Read more for a look at the lengthy and happy career of this master actress and Hollywood beauty.

A Texas Girl

Ann Wedgeworth was born in Abilene, Texas on January 21, 1934. She grew up in Abilene and went to high school there before attending the University of Texas in Austin. The University of Texas has always been a hot spot for up-and-comers such as Matthew McConaughey, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Jon Hamm, and Farrah Fawcett. Austin, Texas is a hoppin’ college town, where the cool is timeless and the people are laidback. It makes for a great place to foster the love of any dream, including dreams of being an actress. After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin in 1957, Ann Wedgeworth moved to New York City, New York in order to pursue her career as an actress. After going by her full name Elizabeth Ann Wedgeworth through college, Ann Wedgeworth dropped her first name before moving to New York. She auditioned many times to be in The Actors Studio, and she was finally admitted in 1958. The Actors Studio is a members-only club located in Manhattan for actors, theater directors, and playwrights. The Actors Studio is well known for providing support and teaching new methods to working actors and upcoming directors and playwrights. Ann Wedgeworth made her debut as an actress in her first Broadway play in 1958. The play, “Make a Million,” was just the first in a long line of successful acting opportunities for Ann Wedgeworth.

From Broadway to the Big Screen

After her first role on Broadway, Ann Wedgeworth continued to act in a number of Broadway and off-Broadway plays. For her performance in “A Lie of the Mind,” Ann Wedgeworth earned a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play. Ann Wedgeworth had many appearances on film, but got her first starring role opposite Gene Hackman in the 1973 movie, “Scarecrow.” Ann Wedgeworth appeared in a number of movies over the 70s and early 80s before making her biggest break yet on the television screen. In 1977 she won a Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress for her impressive performance in the smash hit, “Handle with Care.” In 1978, Ann Wedgeworth won a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play for Chapter Two. Ann Wedgeworth acted with a number of talented celebrities including Renee Zellweger and Paul Giamatti. However, what really shot Ann Wedgeworth to the top of stardom was her performances on television.

The “Three’s Company” Actress

Ann Wedgeworth was an attractive woman, and she was especially attractive in 1979 when she was cast as Lana Shields in the hit TV show, “Three’s Company.” The 40-ish actress portrayed the attractive and confident Lana Shields on the TV show series, “Three’s Company.” “Three’s Company,” was a hit situational comedy TV show, which aired from 1977 until 1984. The popular 8 seasons of the TV Show have remained talked about as some of the best television of that time. “Three’s Company” follows the silliness and misadventures of a young group of three roommates – two young women and one male. The two women are Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers), while the young man is Jack Tripper (John Ritter). Their living situation causes a lot of drama on the TV show, as Mr. Furley, their landlord, is a grumpy and suspicious about the co-ed living situation. Ann Wedgeworth entered the show during the fourth season of “Three’s Company.” Her character, Lana Shields, is a promiscuous neighbor who unsuccessfully flirts with Jack, and is pursued by Mr. Furley. The actress appeared in 9 episodes of the show before being asked to be written off so that she could move on to bigger and better things.

“Sweet Dreams”

1985 was a great year for Ann Wedgeworth. Ann Wedgeworth was cast in the 1985 film, “Sweet Dreams,” a biographical movie about the famous country singing star, Patsy Cline, who live from 1932 until her death at just 30-years-old in 1963. For the movie, Ann Wedgeworth plays the supporting role of Hilda Patterson Hensley, who is the mother of Patsy Cline. Jessica Lange played the lead character, Patsy Cline. “Sweet Dreams” followed the life of Patsy Cline, and told the interesting story of her short and wildly successful career.

Net Worth

With a long career like the one Ann Wedgeworth has had, there is bound to be just as much money as there is success. This is certainly true of this actress, who has a surprisingly high net worth. For actors and actresses like Ann Wedgeworth, it can be hard to make such a high net worth because the movies they were able to star in did not have such huge budgets like movies do today. Because of that, Ann Wedgeworth’s net worth may not compare to contemporary actors such as Mark Wahlberg or Emma Stone. However, Ann Wedgeworth stands apart as a dignified actress who still has a high net worth. Her net worth is around 20 million dollars, which is a large net worth and competes with the net worth of other stars of her time. Ann Wedgeworth leaves behind two beautiful, grown children. She remained close with her family throughout her life, and even got along with her ex-husband. Ann Wedgeworth was an actress unlike any other and her cheerful, beautiful presence will be missed by screens everywhere.