Angela Bassett Wiki: Movie, ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’ and Facts to Know

Angela Bassett has been a successful movie actress for quite some time now. Her latest role in Black Panther is setting a new level to her overall net worth.

Angela Bassett: Multi-talented Actress

Fans of Angela Bassett have shared an interesting relationship with the actress over the span of her career. For these fans, Bassett is more then just another actress in Hollywood, she is a sense of hope, light, and possibilities in an industry that rarely promotes women who look like themselves. Fans have witnessed her talent through the many roles she’s played on the big screen and diversity is one character qualification she seems to seek when looking for roles to play. For example, Angela Bassett was a sister to her fans when she was married to Ike Turner in ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’ and she became her fans BFF in ‘Waiting to Exhale’. When she starred in ‘American Horror Story,’ she became the Voodoo priestess all her fans needed each time they yearned to fall in love and as the mother of Notorious B.I.G she gave fans a point of view never seen before in ‘Notorious.’ Bassett became her fans eyes and ears as a secret agent director in ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ but most recently, she was the Queen Mother to her fan’s newest African tribe of Wakanda in “Black Panther”. Coming soon, Angela Bassett will join the cast of “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”. To say she is talented would be an understatement, because over the span of her career, the little girl from Harlem hasn’t stopped shining while basking in the glow of Hollywood lights. Her first role came when she played a prostitute in the movie ‘Doubletake.’ She made herself a household name amidst controversy with black actresses finding qualifying projects in Hollywood. She’s held her head up high and set her goals to the heavens. One by one, she’s attained her goals while maintaining a healthy and happy marriage to her husband of almost 20 years. Success is a path that Bassett has set for herself and one that she continues to build, stone by stone.

Her Hit Movies

Angela Bassett is not one of those actresses that only went to Hollywood to get rich; her position as an actress is a political position where she understands that the roles she plays have a strong affect on the mentality of the young black girls watching her movies. Bassett has stated that she only portrays black women in the light of their actual strength, and she’s been known to turning down roles that portray black women in a demeaning manner. This is one reasons for her career has lasted and it’s also given her the respect she deserves from Hollywood and fans alike.

‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’

Angela Bassett captured the hearts of fans and viewers in hit film ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’. In the film, she portrays the life of famous singer Tina Turner while giving fans a closeup of the horrors faced by the artist during her marriage to Ike Turner. While playing the role of Tina Turner, Bassett demonstrated the strength it took for Turner to free herself from the bondage of her husband Ike and too go on to building an empire on her own. The film ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It’ premiered in 1993 with a net worth of $24 million dollars.

Waiting to Exhale

Bassett used the platform of film ‘Waiting to Exhale’ to teach her fans how to survive a divorce with dignity and strength. The film ‘Waiting to Exhale’ followed four women who were best friends with each going through the motions of their lives. As they shared their stories with fans and viewers, Bassett’s story touched the hearts of many women who were going through similar events in their personal lives and many looked to her character for strength. ‘Waiting to Exhale’ also starred the late Whitney Houston. The two women remained close friend with until Houston’s dying day. ‘Waiting to Exhale’ premiered in 1995 and had a net worth of $66 million dollars.


Angela Bassett became the mother of famous rap artist Notorious B.I.G in hit film ‘Notorious’ which premiered in theaters in 2009. The film followed the life of Biggie Smalls while he aimed to reach success as a rapper. The rapper later became known as one of the most talented lyricist in Hip Hop. The film ‘Notorious’ was welcomed warmly by critics and fans and had a net worth of $24 million dollars.

‘American Horror Story’

In ‘American Horror Story: Coven’, Bassett made her debut as head Voodoo priestess in Louisiana. The story behind ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ followed the descendants of Salem and shared their stories with viewers. She played the role of “Marie Laveau” who was a high Voodoo priestess who held no mercy to those who violated her or her people.

‘Olympus Has Fallen’

Angela Bassett starred in the action dram ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ as Secret Service Director Lynn Jacobs. Her role in the film ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ proved the diversity of characters that she’s able to play and it continues to build her overall net worth as an actress.

‘Black Panther’

In ‘Black Panther’, Angela Bassett is known as Queen Mother to the Kingdom of Wakanda where her son, King T’Challa resides as sole heir to the thrown. This latest role that she has taken on has proven that her talent only gets better with age. The film ‘Black Panther’ is one of the most anticipated black superhero films of all time and premiered worldwide on February 16, 2018.

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’

With her newest project ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ being promoted nationwide, fans of Angela Bassett will get to see a new side of the actress as she joins the cast of the hit trilogy.

Angela Bassett: Net Worth, Personal Life, & More

Over the success of her career, Angela Bassett has maintained a steady and happy personal life. She never mixes her personal life with her professional life and this has created a well-balanced chemistry with her husband Courtney B. Vance. The pair have been married for nearly 20 years, something unheard of in Hollywood today! Bassett has shown her fans that they too can have it all; a successful career that they love; a happy and enriching relationship with a loving partner; and a well established net worth filled with financial rewards. Bassett and Vance share a loving, but busy life with their twins. And while both are busy building their careers, they maintain a connection with their communities and provide political support to candidates of their choices. For example, during President Obama’s campaign,Bassett personally donated $2300 to his campaign and she’ also an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton. She is a UNICEF ambassador and she participates in many charitable organizations. She provides support and well as monetary donations to charitable organization that support children, diabetes awareness, and the arts.

The Future is All Bassett

With her new hit television show ‘911’ under way and her upcoming film ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ soon to hit theaters, Angela Bassett continues to marvel fans with her accomplishments. With all the excitement around her newest movie ‘Black Panther’,Bassett has shown that it takes time, endurance, and commitment to fulfill any goal or dream. As she continues to build her career, her net worth of $28 million dollars will only grow more and more.