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Andrea Parhamovich and a colleague

Andrea Parhamovich was an American national who was killed in Baghdad in Iraq. She was an employee of the National Democratic Institute and was engaged to American journalist Michael Hastings at the time of her death.

Andrea Parhamovich and her life before her fame

Andrea Parhamovich was born on 16 June 1978 in Perry, Ohio. There is not much known about her childhood, parents, and siblings. Her middle name was Suzanne. Her parents’ names have been said to be Andre and Vicki. She has a sister and her brother-in-law is Joe Zampini. She held an American nationality and her ethnicity was not known but could probably be Russian.

Source: The News Herald (Parhamovich family)

She was at the local high school and later joined Marietta College. She was nicknamed Andi and completed her graduation in 2000 obtaining a degree in advertising and public relations with a minor in journalism.

Andrea Parhamovich and her career

Andrea used to work for the film company Miramax for some time when she was in New York. She had later worked in the Massachusetts governor’s office. She had also served Air America Radio and was at the International Republican Institute in Iraq before she changed her job in 2006 and joined National Democratic Institute as a staff in Baghdad.

Source: demworks (Andrea)

She was the communications specialist and used to advise Iraqi political parties on how to reach out to the people and voters of their constituency. She was trying to help the Iraqis in building the kind of national-level political institutions that could assist in bridging the gap that divides the lives of the Iraqis. The NDI used to teach democracy to the people of Iraq.

Andrea Parhamovich and her death

Andrea was trying to build Iraq after it was torn by the war that hit it badly. She was not liked by the fanatic Islamic groups of Iraq. Her teachings were disliked by them. She had visited the local Sunni office in Bagdad before her convoy was attacked by gunmen and she was killed.

Source: DEN (Andrea)

It is said that she was traveling with her convoy in the area called Yarmouk which is a predominantly Sunni neighborhood of Western Bagdad. It was a three-vehicle convoy and gunmen came and opened fire on it. She was killed in the ambush along with three security contractors from Baghdad, Hungary, and Croatia. Two other people were wounded and one of them was serious. There was a statement posted on the Islamic web site which read:

“Praise be to God, in an attack with light and medium weapons and RPG’s in the Yarmouk area in Baghdad on Jan. 17, two SUVs belonging to the Zionist Mossad were destroyed and a third one was severely damaged.”

Source: Facebook (Andrea)

It was signed by the Islamic State in Iraq. NDI said:

“There is no more sacred roll of honor than those who have given their last full measure in support of freedom. Yesterday, in Iraq, Andrea Parhamovich and our security personnel were enshrined on that list.

“They did not see themselves as heroes, only people doing a job on behalf of a cause they believed in. They were not the enemies of anyone in Iraq, they were there to help.”

She died on 17 January 2007.

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Andrea Parhamovich and her personal life

At the time that she dies, Andrea was engaged to American journalist Michael Hastings who later was killed in a car accident in LA in 2013. They had no children. She was a girl of beauty with blonde hair and hazel-colored eyes.

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