Anderson East Wiki: 3 Facts About Miranda Lambert’s Boyfriend

Is Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend Anderson East? If so who is he and what is he famous for? What kind of music does he produce?

Anderson East?

With the vast spreading reports, there is no doubt that Miranda Lambert is back on the dating scene. Miranda has reportedly started going out with fellow musician East, following her recent divorce from Blake Shelton this past summer. Here are some things to know about Miranda’s new boyfriend. Miranda and East both share the same interests and are planning on spending the New Year together exploring different places. Miranda really enjoys the going out and hanging around East. So who exactly is Anderson East?

Who Is Anderson East? Is he Miranda’s boyfriend?

A lot of music fans have been wondering how someone like Anderson East could have successfully got into a relationship with the “Vice” singer. While Miranda remains to be the most award-winning female country music singer of all time with her good music, her new boyfriend Anderson East is a great singer too. Putting aside the fact that Anderson East will henceforth be known as Miranda’s boyfriend, Anderson East has got great talent that makes him famous on his own. East’s age is said to be 27 years as he was born on 17 July 1988. He is a musician from Athens, he is also known for making pop and rhythm music as well as some blues music. His real name is Michael Cameron Anderson while “East” is only his stage name. Miranda Lambert has always been around her new boyfriend, even when he was involved in a ski accident after the two hit the slopes in Aspen over the New Year holiday.
Just as Miranda, Anderson East is also very romantic and he loves spending time with his paramour. Anderson East’s shared a photo on Instagram on Valentine’s Day showing the singer with his girlfriend Miranda having a great time. Anderson East captioned the photo with “Had the greatest Valentine’s Day gift ever! What a surprise, darling! [sic]” and delightfully added “#you’llalwaysbemybaby” as an hashtag to it.

Anderson Is a Rhythm And Pop/Blues Musician

Since 2008, Anderson East has released three studio albums with one of them under the name “Anderson”. One of his recent album Delilah produced the single named “Satisfy Me,” that was dropped in March 2015 and since then has received constant radio airplay. Anderson East also did a cove of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” with the music receiving a lot of recognition worldwide. Ever since they started dating, Miranda’s boyfriend has gained more popularity. Anderson East also released one of the best and most played music titled Tin Man in 2017.

Anderson East Has Greatly Appreciated Nashville’s Music Scene

East is no longer based in Nashville, but he has spoken widely about his love for the talented community of songwriters and singers found in this area. Anderson East made it known in a recent interview that the best music in the world comes through Nashville. East also continued by saying “I actually feel with only a few exceptions, the best musicians are in Nashville”. “You’ll get to see a lot of greatness every day in this town and someone rolls through and your mind is just blown,” East added.