Amy Madigan Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Ed Harris’ Wife

Amy Madigan, wife to American actor Ed Harris, is a talented actress, producer, and former singer. This article reveals more about her including her net worth.

Five Facts to Know About Amy Madigan

Amy Madigan is a talented American actress, producer, and singer. She is a Native of Chicago, Illinois and was born on September 11, 1950 (age 67). Her father John J. Madigan is a renowned journalist who used to give political commentary on shows such as ‘Meet the Press’ and ‘Face the Nation’. He also worked with Newsweek magazine. John J. has interviewed people like Martin Luther King and Richard Nixon who are known for their great personalities. Madigan’s mother used to perform in community theatre as an amateur actress and an administrative assistant. Unfortunately, her mother Dolores died in the year 1992. In 1993 her father remarried. Amy Madigan is blessed to have two incredible siblings, Jim and Jack. Madigan is married to Ed Harris, an American Actor. Ed Harris’ wife went to St. Philip Neri Grammar School and she later joined Aquinas High School in Chicago. She liked getting involved in acting and often appeared in plays and performed in talent shows at a young age. After her completion of secondary education, Amy joined Chicago Conservatory of Music where she studied how to play the piano for nine years. She also holds a degree in philosophy from Marquette University.

1. Amy Madigan was a musician

At a very young age, Madigan was interested in music. After her graduation, Ed Harris’ wife started her career as a rock musician. Amy Madigan was the lead vocalist for her band in 1977; Jelly band released an album known as A True Story. In June 1978, Amy Madigan’s nudes appeared in Playboy magazine with her body smeared with jelly to promote her music band ‘The Jelly’. Ed Harris’ wife toured the USA for about ten years and worked with several bands.

2. Amy Madigan has been acting for years

In the 1980s, Amy Madigan changed her career from singing to acting. She studied at Lee Strasberg Film Institute and Theatre. Her first job was when she appeared on ‘Hart to Hart’ where she played the character Adele. In 1983 she debuted on screen while acting in the film ‘Crazy Times’. It was then that Madigan undertook the role and character of Alison Ransom. After some time, Amy Madigan appeared in ‘Love Child’, and acted as Terry Jean Moore. Ed Harris’ wife has also starred in the television comedy series ‘Uncle Buck’ that premiered in 1989. Amy played the character Chanice. ‘Uncle Buck’ (2015-2016) is a spin-off of the original 1989 movie. Over the years Ed Harris’ wife has proven to be a diverse actress on more than one occasion. Amy Madigan has appeared in more than twenty movies and TV shows, including: • love Letters 1983)
• Nowhere to Hide (1987) • Place in the Heart (1984)
• The Sleepy Time Gal (2001)
• Just a Dream (2002)
• A Time for Dancing (2002)
• Admission (2004)
• Virginia (2010)
• That’s What I Am (2011)
• Future Weather (2012) • The Life Guard (2013) • Buried Child(2016) • Stuck (2017)
• Sweetwater (2013) Most notably, Amy Madigan plays the character of Katherine Wyatt in the series Grey’s Anatomy. She was featured in season 4, 5, and 6. Grey’s Anatomy is an American medical drama that premiered in 2005. Amy Madison is set to appear as a psychiatrist when the new season returns in April. Amy has also appeared in several TV Shows such as Fringe, ER, Eureka Stockade, American Playhouse, and many more. It’s apparent that Ed Harris’ wife is a talented media personality. Amy Madigan and Ed Harris have starred in about nine movies together. They have also taken different roles in different movies which include: ‘Place in Heart’ (1984), ‘Aloma Bay’ (1985),’Riders of the Purple sage ‘ (1996),’Pollock’ (2000), ‘Just a Dream’ (2002), ‘Winter Passing’ (2005), ‘Gone Baby Gone’ (2007), ‘The Jacksonian’ (2013), ‘Frontera’ (2017), and ‘Rules Don’t Apply’ (2016). According to Amy Madigan working and being together with her husband Ed Harris is a gift that she enjoys a lot.

3. Amy Madigan has a star-studded family

Amy Madigan is happily married to a 67-year-old Ed Harris who is an American actor, producer, director, and screenwriter. Ed Harris has an estimated net worth $33 million as of 2017. Amy Madigan and Ed Harris met while working on a stage production of ‘Prairie Avenue’ in 1981 at the Lee Strasberg. There, they fell in love and started dating. Later they decided to tie the knot on the 21st of November in 1983 while they were still filming the movie ‘Place in the Heart’. Since then, the couple has grown stronger and is together until this day. Their love and respect for one another has kept them in a good relationship and you would not expect them to divorce soon. Ed Harris and his wife are blessed to have a daughter Lily Dolores Harris who was born on May 3, 1993 (age 24). Lily Dolores follows the footsteps of her parents and may soon debut on the big screen.

4. Amy Madigan has received a number of awards

Amy Madigan has won more than five awards. She has also been nominated more than 21 times for her many roles in different Award-winning concerts. In 1984 Ed Harris’ wife was nominated by Sitges Catalonian International Film Festival where she won an award for Best Actress in the role she played in ‘Streets of Fire’. In 1985 Amy Madigan participated in CableACE Award where she was nominated and won the award for Best Actress in a Theatrical or dramatic special for ‘The Laundromat’. Two years later, Ed Harris’ wife was also honored at the Theatre World Award ceremony, where she won an award for ‘The Lucky Spot’. In 1990, Madigan went to the Golden Globes where she was nominated and won an award for the Best Supporting Actress in a series, Mini-series, or Television Film for her role in ‘Roe vs. Wade’. But she didn’t stop there. In 1995, Amy Madigan participated in Cable ACE Awards where she was nominated and won the award for the Best Actress in a Movie or Mini-series for her role in ‘And Then There Was One’. Afterwards, in 1996, Ed Harris’ wife won the Bronze Wrangler Award for Television Featured Film ‘ Riders of the Purple Sage’. Amy Madigan was also nominated for the following Awards: • Golden Globe Award for New Star of the year Actress
• Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress • Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress-Motion Picture

5. The net worth of Amy Madigan and Ed Harris

Ed Harris’ wife has had an extensive career as an actress. During that time she has earned an impressive net worth, the exact dollar amount of which has not been clearly stated. However, according to some sources, Amy Madigan’s net worth ranges from $4 million. From the above, we can safely conclude that Amy has had a successful career. This is evident from the many movies she has featured in and the many awards she has won. Amy is indeed a successful woman that anyone would envy.