Aml Ameen: Movie, Net Worth, Interview, ‘The Maze Runner’ And Facts You Need To Know

Aml Ameen is the incredible actor from the movie, ‘The Maze Runner’. Find out more interesting facts about him, his movies and his overall net worth from below.


Who is Aml Ameen?

Aml Ameen is an English actor who was born in 1985. He is known for his roles in films like ‘Kidulthood,’ ‘The Bill,’ ‘Harry’s Law,’ as well as the Netflix series’ ‘Sense8’ and ‘The Maze Runner.’ Ameen was born in London to Jamaican and Vincentian parents. He attended the independant Barbara Speake Stage School to study acting in London. He appeared in West End in shows like ‘Oliver!’ and ‘Jolson’ as a child when he was just 11 years old. He performed on stage at the 1996 BRIT Awards in a performance famously invaded by Pulp’s singer Jarvis Cocker. He was named one of The Times newspaper’s ‘Ones To Watch’ for 2006. Ameen won ‘Best Actor’ in a TV performance’ at the 2007 Screen Nation Awards. Additionally, he also presented an award at the Mobo Awards 2006.

Career in movies

Ameen first appeared on screen in 2004 in ‘Bella and the Boys,’ and he was soon seen in an episode of the BBC television series ‘Holby City.’ Ameen appeared in the British youth-centered film ‘Kidulthood’ where he played the lead role of Trife. He was then a regular in the long-running TTV police series, ‘The Bill,’ and it turned out to be his most famous role to this date. He played the part of PC Lewis Hardy in the series, a headstrong character who has swapped his life as a street kid to try to make a difference on the right side of the law. He has a few problems with authority and regularly bumps heads with his seniors, most especially frequent beat partner PC Roger Valentine. After Hardy was put undercover and was shot, he was transferred to Operation Trident. Ameen also played a leading role in the BBC Three Teen drama, ‘Dis/Connected,’ where he played the role of Anthony who was an 18-year-old college student from London who faces gang trouble on the streets, as well as losing his friend when she commits suicide. Ameen next appeared in a film on Channel 4, called ‘Fallout.’ According to ‘The London Lite’, this was his most memorable performance of all time. He also starred as AJ in ‘Silent Witness,’ series 12 parts 1 and 2. His role was of a youth worker trying to make a difference in the gang and knife community which presides in South London, and became friends with Leo, one of the senior pathologists doing community service for drunk driving. He tried his luck in acting school when he began taking part in the Actors Student Alliance, a drama school set up to discover and teach untapped talent in London. Right from the moment the institution began, it’s goal was to produce its own short film and a theater showcase for its students. Now in its second year, the school has turned into a management company. Ameen was also featured in Jason Barrett’s British feature film, ‘The Naked Poet.’ He played the part of Ryan and for this performance, he won Best Actor at the VIPF Awards in 2010. He appeared in the 2013 drama biographical film, ‘The Butler,’ based on significant events in America like the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War and how they affected the life of the butler, Cecil, who, during his tenure, served eight presidents at the White House. Ameen also starred in the first season of David E. Kelley’s legal drama ‘Harry’s Law’ on NBC in 2011. His first Hollywood film role was ‘Red Tails’ in 2012. It was a film about the African American Tuskegee airman in World War II. He also played Alby in the 2014 film adaptation of the young adult, novel, ‘The Maze Runner.’ In 2015, Ameen was one of the eight central characters in the Netflix series ‘Sense8,’ However, there was conflict with the Wachowskis which resulted in his replacement with Toby Onwumere after filming two episodes of the second season in 2016. Aml Ameen also appeared as a young Jamaican named “D” in the cult novel, ‘Yardie.’ The film was directed by actor Idris Elba in his directorial debut.

Net worth of Aml Ameen

Aml Ameen has a net worth of $3 million dollars.

Aml Ameen in an interview

After the super success of ‘Sense8’, Aml Ameen revealed some details and experiences in an interview. The interview mentioned how Sense8 was not just a television show but how it influenced many of our thoughts and how we process the way we look at the world. It’s an entirely new prospective and a new philosophy, believes Ameen. He also shared his personal experience with the film in the interview. He said, “It’s a whole new consciousness opening up about our interconnectivity as human beings. For a long time, those ideas have been arbitrary or esoteric for some people. I remember speaking to the Wachowski’s and saying that what I find groundbreaking about this show is that the world is in need of that. Indeed, so many of the great people throughout time – especially artists I’ve admired – have spoken about our connectivity. Bob Marley and “One Love,” it’s the essence of the show. If I could sum up this show with something like “One Love,” it’s “I Am We.” Me, we…we are the same. For me, its been amazing going around the world and getting a grip of other people’s culture, other people’s ways of life, honoring that, seeing it from my perspective and theirs, and then kind of having a global acceptance and a shift in perspective at times.”

Aml Ameen is active on Instagram @amlameenbaby. It is his official page on Instagram where he posts a lot of his photos and updates about his life.