American TV host Kelly Choi-her plastic surgery, shows, career, childhood, and secretive boyfriend!

Kelly Choi

Kelly Choi is an Emmy award-winning TV host, producer, food lover and author. She had hosted the former Bravo’s blockbuster series, ‘Top Chef Masters’.

She had produced and hosted some quite unique shows and won the hearts of millions. Let us map out her journey from South Korea where she was born to entry into the TV industry and making it big there!

Kelly Choi’s birth, age, childhood, and education

Kelly Choi was born in Seoul, South Korea on 7 February 1976. Her current age is 42. When she was small, her parents migrated to the US. The 42-year-old personality was raised in the USA with her siblings. It is not known where Kelly Choi did her schooling. It is also not known as to which University she had been for her higher studies.

Source: New York Daily News (Kelly Choi)

Kelly Choi’s career

Kelly Choi is a famous food reporter. She produced, created and anchored a show which gave details about the restaurants in New York City. It was called as ‘Eat Out NY’. She won an Emmy award for this show. This was awarded to her by the New York Chapter of the National Academy of TV Arts and Science for On-Camera Talent. Seeing her show and talent, she was invited to host Top Chef Masters.

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Talking about that time, Kelly Choi had said:

“’Top Chef’ Executive Producer, Dave Serwatka saw me doing that and he called me one day and said ‘Hey, I’m at Bravo. Can we fly you out to LA and meet with the production company?’ So it just kind of happened like that out of the blue and I was beyond flattered to think that someone from Bravo was watching my restaurant show where I pick all the restaurants and cook a dish with the chef.”

Source: Eat me daily (Kelly Choi)

Kelly Choi also had created and anchored another unusual show called ‘Secrets of New York’. It was a weekly program which disclosed the various little-known facts and mysteries about NY’s five boroughs. This also got her several Emmy awards.

She also has been the host and presenter of various shows and events on NY TV. This included the James Beard Awards and several food shows. She was a recipient of the Elite Modeling Agency’s ‘Look of The Year’.

Kelly Choi has invested in a number of businesses in New York. She has a pizza outlet in New York City and also owns and runs several other cafes as well.

Kelly Choi is into several ventures and earns an enormous annual salary. Her net worth is estimated to be around $ 4 million.

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Kelly Choi’s relationships, boyfriend, marriage

Kelly Choi has never spoken much about her family or personal life in public or TV. She prefers to keep it private and under wraps. Kelly Choi is definitely not married. She has never posted any pictures with a male person on her Instagram. She has no husband. She was rumored to be dating a South Korean talented and handsome singer but the name of this mysterious boyfriend is not known.

Source: Pinterest (Kelly Choi)

She had said that while filming for the show ‘Top Chef Masters’ she did not enhance her exercise regime. She told:

Ya know, not really. I’m a big believer in when you really love food and really respect it for what it is… of course, we all love what we do and when I find something I really like I want to eat it over and over again but it wasn’t difficult for me. I probably gained a few pounds but honestly I wasn’t too worried.

It has been rumored that Kelly has plastic surgery performed on her face and breasts!

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Kelly Choi’s social media

Kelly is active on social media and keeps people updated on herself through it. She has over 69.6k followers on Twitter, more than 12.2 k followers on Instagram. However, she seems to lack an Facebook account.

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