Amber From The Bachelor: Everything To Know About The Contestant

Get to know about Amber, who was eliminated from The Bachelor TV show. Below is everything you want to know about her including her net worth.

Who is Amber from The Bachelor?

If you probably didn’t watch the premiere of the 22nd season of “The Bachelor,” TV show there’s a higher chance you don’t know Amber, but if you watched, you must have seen her introduce herself and say that she had seen a lot of dicks in her life. It was weird of her to say that and maybe she thought that was cool. Unfortunately, Amber was among the first eight contestants who were eliminated on the first night. Since “The Bachelor” TV show started to hit our screens, the contestants’ careers have been of interest and the viewers have heard some interesting job descriptions for a while now. Some just come to the show and say that they are dog lovers. While others describe themselves as chicken enthusiasts. Others have stated that they sell merchandise on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It was the same thing for the ladies who were vying for the love of Arie Luyendyk. So from the bios of the contestants of this season, there was a nanny, a couple of real estate professionals, and a business owner. The business owner was Amber.

Amber was eliminated on the first night

Some fans wished that Amber would continue being on the show because she was more interesting. Unfortunately, the audience didn’t get to choose, and Arie felt that Amber was supposed to go home. Amber, who is aged 29, is from Denver, Colorado, and she has a business. The elephant in the room is, which business? Amber Wilkerson has her own blog which she has been running for years now. It’s a lifestyle blog known as Every Once in a Style. Apart from dressing to impress and posting her best pictures, Amber writes about beauty, fashion, fitness, and travel. According to her LinkedIn profile, Amber majored in Visual Communications before she went to a Hollywood school where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree. After she graduated, she created Amber Spray Tans which has helped her grow decent net worth.

She was a freelancer

While in LA, Amber was actively freelancing for fashion blogs before she moved back to her home in Denver, created a blog, and began to manage it. It’s right to say that Amber is a go-getter. She has so much to be proud of and she also stated that it was her mother who photographs her. At least “The Bachelor” TV show allows us to meet some inspiring people. You can find most of her products on her Instagram. On her Twitter bio, Amber states that she loves yoga, she is addicted to coffee, and whenever she has the chance, she takes a ton of pictures. Amber is not the first “Business Owner” to become a contestant on the TV show. In the previous season of the TV show, there was a contestant known as Corrine who stated that she assisted in managing their family’s company.

She should have stayed on the TV show

So, Amber was hoping to be on the show for a very long time, but why did the TV show put 29 contestants there just to eliminate eight of them in the first night? Besides, Amber was worth staying and with her personality, she would have made “The Bachelor” quite interesting. Hopefully, they will bring her again in the 23rd season and we will see what she’s got. Now, we can all wait and see who Arie will end up with. He already admitted that he fell in love with two women, Bekah, aged 22 and Becca, aged 27. It’s almost possible to assume if Arie was not an auto racing driver, he would be a baker. There is nothing more to figure about the TV show. We already know how it will end, at least we can guess.

Facts about Amber

Sher admires her grandpa and Steve Jobs

Whoever doesn’t recognize Steve Jobs contribution to technology is just a hater. The man did a tremendous thing to introduce the Apple company. As for Amber’s grandpa, she’s the only one who knows why she adores him. Amber also likes Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian. Amber was actually asked who she would want to diner with, either alive or dead and she mentioned her grandpa, Steve Jobs and of course her role model, Kim K.

Her greatest achievement is starting her business

Amber was employed as a fashion freelancer, and she must have gained so much experience that she went back to Denver and started her own blog. She stated that she didn’t even have the money for marketing and advertising the blog, but it became successful in a very short time and grew her net worth beyond her expectations. Pretty inspiring, right?

The most outrageous thing she ever did was hold a python

Amber went to visit Thailand, and while there, she was told to hold a huge python. It was probably harmless, but she was still very afraid to hold it. Amber said that she wanted to feel like Britney Spears at the VMAs, but she did not.

Her favorite actor

Her favorite actor is Meryl Streep because she is very talented and amazing. We share the same view here.

She could be Ariel if she was a fictional character

Amber believes that Ariel was a beautiful mermaid that is capable of singing and gets to marry Prince Eric.

Amber’s net worth

Amber has a net worth of $1.5 million. She has built her net worth from her blog and her business.

Amber might have left the TV show, “The Bachelor” quite early, but she still got the exposure. To check photos of Amber, visit her Facebook or Instagram page and you can also buy her products.