Alicia Silverstone’s Husband Wiki: Musician, S.T.U.N. & Facts About Christopher Jarecki

Christopher Jarecki, the husband of Alicia Silverstone, is a musician and radio show host. He is known for the famous band S.T.U.N. Find out more about him.

Alicia Silverstone’s Husband: Facts about Christopher Jarecki

Alicia Silverstone’s husband Christopher Jarecki is an American musician, artist, and radio show host. Christopher Jarecki is widely known for being the frontman for the famous band S.T.U.N. The band was formed in 2000, and they produced music that touched the hearts of many fans. Christopher Jarecki has had the opportunity to tour with some famous performers. The musician has also had numerous chances to play at Arts Festival and Coachella.

Christopher Jarecki’s Career

Alicia Silverstone’s husband was the frontman for the punk band S.T.U.N. The band’s name stands for Scream Towards the Uprising of Non-Conformity. The band consisted of Christopher Jarecki the lead vocalist, Neil Spies the guitarist, Bobby Alt the drummer, and Nick S who was in charge of the bass. Christopher Jarecki’s band produced music that had meaning. The band members were determined to deliver their ideas through their songs. Therefore, they expressed their ideas and values through their music. The band also concentrated on societal problems such as eliminating class warfare. They further criticized American imperialism. Jarecki’s band produced their music in order to compete with another band that used to portray their political views and beliefs through their music. In 2002, S.T.U.N. band was signed by Geffen records, and in the subsequent year, the band released their album Evolution of Energy. The album succeeded in 2003 due to the influence of prominent musicians before its release. Since Christopher Jarecki’s punk band was known to produce meaningful music, Rolling Stone magazine and MTV named them as the Artist to Watch. Silverstone’s husband was also in charge of another band called The Bathroom Murders. They released their first album in 2009 called Anarchiso. In the year 2012, Silverstone’s husband took part in a film called Vamps. The film Vamps is a comedy, horror, and romantic film that tells the story of two female vampires living in New York City and having difficulty in their romantic lives. Jarecki shows off in his role as the legal officer. It is apparent that Christopher Jarecki is more of a musician than an artist. He has produced several songs in his career as a musician, unlike in acting. Nowadays, Jarecki owns a radio show whereby he is the host presenter. He motivates his listeners by inviting a particular guest to talk about their history, music, their songs, and the music they have produced. The radio show is known as A Musical Journey.

Christopher Jarecki’s Personal Life

Christopher Jarecki married his long-time girlfriend, the famous and gorgeous actress, Alicia Silverstone in June 2005. They met outside a motion picture theatre in 1997, and soon after, they started dating. Jarecki proposed to Silverstone a year prior to their marriage. Their wedding took place on the rocky beach of Lake Tahoe in California. After five years into their marriage, in May 2011, Christopher Jarecki and Alicia Silverstone were blessed with a baby boy, who they called Bear Blu Jarecki. Christopher Jarecki is a vegetarian as well as an animal lover and supports animal rights. The couple shares the same similarities wherever animals and diets are concerned. Jarecki’s wife, Alicia Silverstone, owns an asylum for pets in Los Angeles. Their love for animals made the couple rescue four dogs. One of the dogs rescued was a bulldog called Pig.

Christopher Jarecki’s Wife

Alicia Silverstone, Jarecki’s wife, is a famous American actress and activist. She has been in the acting industry since she was a teen. Her first successful film was The Crush in 1993. She received two honors in the MTV Music Awards for the Best Breakthrough Performance. This opened several doorways for the young actress, leading her to star in several major hit movies in different genres such as Clueless, Batman & Robin, Scooby-Doo, 2: Monsters Unleashed, among others. Silverstone has also acted in several TV shows and plays. Her talent in films and TV shows has caused Silverstone to be honored with several awards. Just like her husband Christopher Jarecki, she is also a vegan. She loves animals so much that she owns an asylum for safeguarded pets in Los Angeles. Silverstone and her husband Jarecki have rescued four dogs, which she nurtures. The famous artist is also the proud author of a recipe book known as The Kind Diet. Silverstone has managed to build her reputation as a lifestyle idol that supports vegan diet and animal rights. Due to her hard work, Silverstone has a net worth of $20 million.

Facts to know about Christopher Jarecki

1. Jarecki is widely known as the frontman vocalist of the punk band S.T.U.N. 2. Christopher Jarecki is a vegan. He strongly supports animal rights. 3. Jarecki married his long-time girlfriend, Alicia Silverstone. 4. Jarecki owns a radio show wherein he is the host. He invites special guests who talk about their musical history. The show is known as A Musical Journey. 5. Christopher Jarecki’s net worth is assessed to be 2 million dollars.

Christopher Jarecki Splits From Alicia Silverstone

After 13 years of marriage, Alicia Silverstone and her husband Jarecki have publicly announced of their split. However, the two still love and respect each other. After the announcement of their split, Silverstone went to Hawaii for a vacation with her son Bear. Jarecki and Silverstone have managed to walk out of their married life with grace and dignity. Being a famous musician and radio presenter, Christopher Jarecki has worked hard to achieve the life he deserves. Not only is Jarecki a musician, but he is also a vegan who supports animal rights. He is a family man and father to Bear Blu. Jarecki has done well in life.