Alex Winter Wiki: Everything To Know About Ramsey Naito’s Husband

Alex Winter is an English-born American screenwriter, actor and film director. Read everything you need to know about Ramsey Naito’s husband.

Who is Alex Winter?

Alexander Ross Winter was born in 1965. He is a renowned English-born American actor, film director and screenwriter who shot to fame with his role as Bill S. Preston, Esq, in the 1989 film, ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ and its 1991 sequel, ‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey’. Winter also appeared in the role of Marko in the 1987 vampire film, ‘The Lost Boys’. He has also co-written, starred and co-directed the 1993 film ‘Freaked’. Alex Winter was married to Sonya Dawson and the couple had a son who was born in 1998. But the couple divorced after a few years and Alex Winter married Ramsay Ann Naito in 2010. They have two children together. Alex Winter has both, British and American citizenship. In an interview in February, 2018, Winter revealed that he was molested by an older man when he was just 13 years old during his time at the Broadway.

Early life and education of Alex Winter

Alex Winter was born in London, England to parents Gregg Mayer and Ross Albert Winter. His mother, Gress Mayer was a New York-born American who was the former Martha Graham dancer. She also founded a modern-dance company in London in the 60’s. His father is an Australian who used to dance with his mother’s troupe. Winter also received dance training as a child. He has an elder brother named Stephen and they were both raised in a Jewish family. His family moved to Missouri when Alex Winter was just five years old and there his father ran the Mid-American Dance company and his mother used to teach dance at the Washington University. His parents divorced in 1973. In 1978, Winter moved to New York City with his mom. He also began performing as an actor then on and off Broadway and used to commute to New York City. He completed his graduation from Montclair High School in 1983 and was later accepted into the Tisch School of Arts at New York University. There he met, fellow aspiring filmmaker, Tom Stern. He later collaborated with Stern on numerous 16mm short films and they both graduated with honors.

Career journey of Ramsey Naito’s husband

Winter had spent many years as an actor in Broadway with supporting roles in productions including, ‘The King and I’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up’ and the American premiere of ‘Close of Play’. As soon as he completed his NYU film school, he and Tom Stern moved out to Hollywood where the duo wrote and directed numerous short films and music videos together. Winter also continued his search to find work as an actor and also managed to bag the role in big productions like, ‘The Lost Boys’ and ‘Rosalie Goes Shopping’. In 1989, Winter got his breakthrough and worldwide recognition when he starred with Keanu Reeves as Bill S. Preston in the hit comedy, ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ and also in its 1991 sequel, ‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey. After the success of both the Bill & Ted movies, Winter was hired along with Tom Stern and Tim Burns to develop a sketch comedy show for MTV. They came up with ‘The Idiot Box’ in 1991. ‘The Idiot Box’ proved to be a success for the network but it was cancelled after 6 episodes due to budget issues with the channel. The trio later signed a $12 million deal with 20th Century Fox to film their own feature film which ended up in becoming 1993’s ‘Freaked’. ‘Freaked’ became a cult favorite and inspite of not being released widely, it gained popularity via TV and DVD and also stood in the list of Top 10 comedies of the 90’s in the Entertainment Weekly. In 1999, Winter directed the film, ‘Fever’. New York Daily News praised the film, calling it “a claustrophobic mind bender. Winter sustains an aura of creepiness worthy of Roman Polanski.” He then directed the live-action adaptation of the Cartoon Network Series, ‘Ben 10’ which was aired in 2007. He also managed to garner the highest ratings in Cartoon Network history. In 2011, it was announced that the third sequel to ‘Bill & Ted’ is under way. In 2014, Winter confirmed in an article, that work is in progress and it might get into production in 2017. In 2012, Winter’s VH1 ‘Rock Doc Downloaded’ earned worldwide acclaim at theatrical and festival screenings. His multiple award winning documentary ‘Deep Web’ was released in 2015. ‘Deep Web’ opened as the #1 documentary on iTunes. In 2015, Winter began filming a documentary on the rock guitarist and composer, Frank Zappa. The Zappa Family Trust publicly gave its approval to Winter’s plans for the film. The Kickstarter campaign for this project was the highest funded documentary in crowd-funding history. Winter is an outspoken advocate for technology and privacy rights. He interest in the Internet grew in the late 1980s. Winter said that he began devoting a lot of his attention to the Internet not just because he liked technology, but also because “I found this community there.” Winter loved the idea of large numbers of anonymous users discussing different topics in an anonymous space. “I found that really striking then. And it seemed liked the beginning of something,” he said.