Alex Ferreira Wiki: Everything To Know About 2018 Olympic Silver Medalist Skier

Alex Ferreira is a silver medal, winner, skier who recently participated in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in the half pipe skiing event. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about him, including his overall net worth.

Alex Ferreira : The skier

Alex Ferreira won a silver medal at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games as a half pipe skier. According to Ferreira, his win is the result of his consistent performance. Ferreira doesn’t believe in a one time high, instead, he works hard to ensure that he maintains a consistency in his results, no matter what he’s doing at the time.

At the 2014 Winter X Games, in Aspen he won the bronze medal in Men’s Ski SuperPipe. The following year he once again won the bronze medal for the Men’s Ski SuperPipe. It seems that he has been a consistent performer right from the beginning of his career. Ferreira practiced freestyle skiing with his friend Torin Yater-Wallace from the age of 3. Ferreira has witnessed his friend’s career very closely and knows how he’s gone from a rookie to an all-time high with sponsors, big bucks, and big cars.

Ferreira knows that the net worth of his friend is much more than what he has, but that doesn’t dampen his spirit when it comes down to supporting his friend. Ferreira cheers for his friend while sharing the adjacent podiums.

Ferreira – the hardworking skier

Ferreira knows that if he is consistent in his performance, then everything else will fall into place. His net worth will shoot up as long as he keeps winning for his country in freestyle skiing. If you want to know who Ferreira considers his inspiration or motivation, then pat comes reply that it is none other than his fellow mate and childhood friend Yater-Wallace.

According to Ferreira, his friend has gone through a lot of adversities in life and he’s still emerged as a winner, so Ferreira doesn’t have to look any further for motivation. He has has seen his friend recover from near-fatal injuries, financial losses and what not. He, therefore, knows how to handle situations and not get carried away by the success. Ferreira has reached a height that most people want to reach, still, he is humble. The silver medal hasn’t been able to change the person that Ferreira has always been.

Net worth

The net worth of Ferreira for the current year is still under review. Now that the skier has won a silver medal in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games his net worth is surely going to reach a new height.

Social Media presence

Yes, Alex Ferreira is on Instagram as well as on twitter. If you want to know Ferreira up, close and personal then you can check out his photos on his Instagram page. He has updated several photos from the event too.