Alberto Del Rio Wiki: Net Worth, Wrestler & Facts About Paige’s Husband

You probably loved to see Alberto Del Rio wrestle. Here are some facts about Paige’s husband that you need to know, including his net worth.

Mexican wrestler, Alberto Del Rio

All wrestling fans know Alberto Del Rio, a Mexican professional wrestler who was a common figure in WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw. Before Del Rio became a wrestler, he was a martial artist. It might seem difficult to switch from a martial artist to a wrestler, but it wasn’t that hard for Rio. At the height of his career in WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw, Rio had won a couple of titles and also earned the love of his partner, Paige. 40-year-old Alberto Del Rio was born in San Luis Potosi, and his family is one of the most renowned wrestling families in Mexico. His father is a well-known luchador Dos Caras. His father’s brothers are Mil Mascaras and Sicodelico, who are also very talented wrestlers. Del Rio’s cousins, Sicodelico Jr. and Hijo de Sicodelico also wrestle for a living. His brother, Guillermo, is also a wrestler who was signed on WWE in 2012 and got released in 2013. Del Rio holds a degree in architecture.

Interesting facts about Paige’s husband

He almost wrestled at the Olympics

Many fans might not be aware that Alberto Del Rio had an amateur wrestling background. Del Rio wasn’t doing it as his hobby alone, he was also good at it. Back home in Mexico, Paige’s husband has won awards and accolades while in the Mexican national team. He became number three in the World Junior Championships and also won the Pan American Games, the Central American and Caribbean Games. Alberto Del Rio then eyed the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. However, the country didn’t get any funding and therefore didn’t send any wrestler to Sydney. Whether Del Rio would have won a medal in the Olympics or not, we will never know, but we still wish that he could have gone there and crash with Kurt Angle.

Before Paige, Del Rio was seeing Charlotte

Bram, who fights at TNA, was the husband of Charlotte at one time. After she got divorced, Charlotte went ahead to date Del Rio. However, the relationship was short. It seemed that the stars were not meant to be together and they broke up in a few months. Del Rio moved on to Paige right away and they faced quite a resistance from the company. The WWE reportedly tried to split them up. They even approached both Paige and Del Rio and asked them to break up. Due to pressure, the lovebirds reacted differently by Paige proposing to Del Rio while in the ring. At the time, Paige was suspended.

After being fired by WWE, it was rumored he would join Bellator

It’s no secret that Del Rio didn’t depend on wrestling skills alone to knock off his opponent and win the title. At desperate times, Del Rio would be tempted to use his martial art skills when his opponent was in control. There was one time when he gave Big Show a slap kick and the giant fell right in the middle of the ring. After WWE fired him, there were rumors that he would join MMA organization, Bellator. Del Rio talked to a podcast host and stated that offers were coming and he would consider the best offer. Probably the best offer came from Impact Wrestling and so, it’s now clear that he won’t be using his skills as a martial artist, at least not frequently.

He won a title at Over the Limit (2011)

Critics may think that the Over the Limit is turning to be very predictable. In fact, Over the Limit (2011) was less predictable than the other series but most predictions turned out right. For instance, everyone knew John Cena would win his title, and he surely did. Paige’s husband, Del Rio, was also part of Over the Limit (2011) Del Rio beat Jamaican wrestler, Kofi Kingston. Everyone knew that the Kingston wouldn’t beat Del Rio who had already won his Royal Rumble match. He couldn’t afford to ruin his reputation.

Del Rio respects CM Punk

CM Punk was the talk of wrestling world after he called it quits in 2014. The wrestler walked out of WWE citing personal reasons. He then retired as a professional wrestler and got signed with UFC. Alberto Del Rio spoke about CM Punk in an interview with WrestleTalk TV where he stated that he had respect for Punk. He praised the star for standing up for what he believed in. Little did Del Rio know that WWE was taking notes on him and was about to drop an axe on him.

He left WWE on bad terms in 2014

After less than four years since winning the Royal Rumble, Del Rio was fired after he slapped a fellow employee while on the backstage. Del Rio was angry after Cody Barbierri made a racist joke. He said that Del Rio was supposed to clean the plates because he was Mexican. He had even made a joke on Del Rio before and then blushed it off. WWE sacked both Cody and Del Rio.

Del Rio’s net worth

Paige’s husband has a net worth of $6 million while Paige herself has a net worth of $3 million. Both Del Rio and Paige have made their wealth from professional wrestling.

Del Rio has achieved much as a wrestler and a martial artist. Just like Dwayne Johnson, he also showed his skills in movies. Del Rio should probably consider a career in the movie industry.