Akshaye Khanna: Facts About His Recent And Upcoming Movies

With a controversial career in the movie industry, Akshaye Khanna proves that the key ingredient to success is believing in your self.

Akshaye Khanna’s Life Story

Akshaye Khanna was born on March 28, 1975 and is the son of an actor/politician and brother of Rahul Khanna. Akshaye Khanna was born in Mumbai. Akshaye Khanna’s brother Rahul Khanna remains one of Bollywood’s greatest actors though he already passed away. Akshaye Khanna and his brother are both Bollywood celebrities. However, Akshaye Khanna is making waves in Hollywood as well.

Akshaye Khanna: Career

Akshaye Khanna began his career in acting back in 1997 with an appearance in the movie “Himalay Putra”, which was produced by his father. The start of Akshaye Khanna’s career was met with some struggle as the actor’s movies gained him little to no success. From 1997 to 2017, Akshaye Khanna went on to act in more than 30 movies. Though many of his movies failed in the Bollywood box offices, Akshaye Khanna continued acting until his latest hit “Ittefaq” which was released in 2017. Regardless of the successes or failures of his movies, Akshaye Khanna has won many awards for his efforts in Bollywood and is recognized as one of the prized talents that the industry has to offer.

Bollywood Movie Hits

Over the span of his career, Akshaye Khanna has been in over 30 movies. With such a busy career, Akshaye Khanna has faced many detrimental reviews by critics. In some of his movies, Akshaye Khanna has been criticized as making some of the worst projects in Bollywood. Here are some of his projects, the good and the bad:

In 1999, at the start of his career, Akshaye Khanna in movie Aa Ab Laut Chalen. Aa Ab Laut Chalen went on to make 76.3 crore in the box office, which is equal to a net worth of $4.2M in US dollars. Akshaye Khanna’s career continued and in 2001, he appeared in the movie Dil Chahta Hai. Dil Chahta Hai won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi and made 45 crore which is equivalent to a net worth of $7.1M. In July 2017, Mom was released with high reception. Indian critics rated the movie 4 out of 5 stars, and the movie “Mom” earned 60 crore or $3.3M US dollars. With his movies grossing high earnings, Akshaye Khanna went on to receive critically acclaimed acknowledgment for the movie Ittefaq which was released in November 2017. Ittefaq was a mystery Bollywood movie that grossed 51.45 crore which is equivalent to $2.8M US dollars.

Music & Songs

In his career as an actor, Akshaye Khanna has also displayed his singing abilities when performing in the many songs as part of the movies he stars in. Akshaye Khanna shares with audiences his amazing singing capabilities and suaveness on screen.

Upcoming Projects for Akshaye Khanna

Akshaye Khanna is scheduled to star in Rojakkal, a Bollywood movie to be released in September 2018. In July 2019, Akshaye Khanna has the movie Basra coming out in Bollywood theaters.

Never Give Up

For an actor who faced much criticism from the public, Akshaye Khanna has shown that in the business of Bollywood, one has to believe in themselves to realize their dreams. Because Akshaye Khanna never gave up on himself during the difficult times of his career, he was later able to release some of his greatest works. This proves that no matter what, the journey is difficult, and the only choice one has is to believe in the end goal. With his upcoming new projects, Akshaye Khanna is expected to surprise audiences and his fans.