Aimee Mullins Wiki: Top 5 Facts About The Inspirational Actress & Athlete

Aimee Mullins defies reality and sets new heights in her career and personal life. The actress and athlete allows nothing to stop her career and goals.

Who is Aimee Mullins?

For most who’ve never heard of Aimee Mullins, once they hear her story, they become both shocked and inspired. When looking at head shots of her modeling pictures, one would never know the truth behind the athletes drive. But Aimee Mullins, born on July 20, 1976 in Allentown, Pennsylvania was born with a birth condition called fibular hemimelia. Due to the condition, Aimee Mullins had to have both her lower legs amputated when she was one years old as she was born without both fibula bones. Being no more then a miracle, Aimee Mullins went on to pursue athleticism and acting at an early age. Prior to attending college, Aimee Mullins graduated high school with honors. Aimee Mullins was among three students in America to receive full academic scholarships from the Department of Defense. At age 17 became the youngest person to hold a top-secret security clearance at the Pentagon and worked as an intelligent analyst during her summer breaks from Georgetown University. Aimee Mullins began participating in competitive sport under the training of Frank Gagliano, who is one of America’s top track coaches. Aimee went on to become the first amputee to compete in the NCAA, competing for Georgetown’s Division I track team. Aimee Mullins was the first athlete to wear woven carbon-fiber prostheses with which she set records throughout her career. The athlete has shown that to set a price on her net worth is to view her life from a small point of view.

Aimee Mullins leg shown at CCCB exhibit in Barcelona, always running against the odds.

Setting the Record Straight

Aimee Mullins seems to have never had any doubts regarding her career choice. After competing with Georgetown, Aimee Mullins went on to be on the cover of Life magazine. Afterwards, Aimee Mullins received a 10-page spread in Sports Illustrated for Women. It wasn’t until 1990 when she premiered in Alexander McQueen London show where she made her runway debut alongside supermodels that Aimee Mullins began to set the record straight regarding her legs and abilities. Since that runway walk, Aimee Mullins has graced the cover of a multitude of magazines to include Elle, Glamour, Harpor’s Bazaar, Vogue and W to name a few.

Not Just a Pretty Face

A list of some Aimee Mullin’s accomplishments: I. 2012 – Named as Global Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal Paris II. 2006 – Founding Trustee of National Sports Museum, opened in 2008. III. 2004 – NCAA Hall of Fame Honoree IV. 2001 – Included in Smithsonian Museum presentation of “Gameface: What Does A Female Athlete Look Like?” V. 2000 – Received honorary PhD, Doctor of Humane Letters, from St. John Fisher College VI. 1998 – Presented with the Tiffany & Co. “Shining Star” Award for raising social awareness of diversity issues VII. 1997 – Nominated to President’s Council on Physical Fitness by U.S. Senator Max Cleland VIII. In 1996 Aimee Mullins accomplished the following: – Member of Georgetown University Women’s Track team – First amputee athlete to compete in NCAA in US History – First bilateral below-the-knee amputee on NCAA Division I track team – World Record Holder, 100 meters (running at speeds never before seen by an amputee) – World Record Holder, Long Jump – World Record Holder, 200 meters – Olympian, competed in Paralympics, Atlanta, GA You’re killing it, Aimee!

Actress and Wife

Aimee Mullins began her career as an actress in Cremaster 3, an art film by Mathew Barney appearing as six different women, of which the most memorable was the cheetah woman. Later on, Aimee Mullins starred in Appropriate Behavior, Stranger Things-where she played Terry Ives-and Young Ones, to name a few.

Aimee Mullins as Terry Ives in Stranger Things.

Aimee Mullins began dating Rupert Friend in 2013 and their wedding took place on May 1, 2016. Aimee Mullins’ husband is an English actor, director, screenwriter and producer, who’s known for his role in Pride and Prejudice. Their wedding was filled with close friends and relatives.

The wedding of Aimee Mullins and husband Rupert Friend.

5 Facts about Aimee Mullins

Fact #1: Aimee Mullins does not like to be called disabled. Fact #2: In 2011 Aimee Mullins was named as Global Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal Paris. Fact #3: In 2009 Aimee Mullins was named Ambassador of Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival. Fact #4: In 2008 Aimee Mullins became the President of the Women’s Sports Foundation. Fact #5: In 2004 Aimee Mullins was named to the United States Track and Field Hall of Fame, New York, NY.

Aimee Mullins is an Inspiration for Girls Worldwide

Through her life, Aimee Mullins has shown that life is filled with disappointments, some we can control and some we are naturally born with. Within her life, Aimee Mullins has become a beacon of hope for young girls living with similar limitations or limited life capabilities. Aimee Mullins continues to share her story around the world and is a well known philanthropist. Aimee Mullins’ life has shown that there is no actual net worth to the experiences we are born in, our only choices are to take what we have and thrive.

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