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Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi is a Palestinian activist who gained fame when her video of slapping and kicking Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank went viral and she was jailed for her action. However, after her release from the Israeli prison, little Ahed has become an international figure.

Ahed Tamimi and her early life, age, and family

Ahed was born on 31 January 2001 in Nabi Salih in West Bank in Palestine. Her age now is 17 and she has Palestine nationality and ethnicity. Her parents are Bassem and Nariman. The Tamimi family originally is from Hebron who migrated to the West Bank in the 1600s. She is the second generation of the Palestinian people who have grown under the oppression of occupation of West Bank by the Israeli forces.

Source: The Atlantic (Ahed Tamimi)

Ahed’s ambition was to be a lawyer when she grows up. She was relocated by her family to a relative’s home in Ramallah where she finished her secondary education. Their family home in West Bank was slated for demolition in 2010 and there were several protests against it for the villagers.

Ahed Tamimi and her involvement with activism

Ahed also joined her parents and others in the protests against the slated demolition and occupation of West Bank. The Palestinian struggle for autonomy was on and Ahed believes that organized efforts from them would yield fruit.

When Ahed was 11, she had intervened aggressively when the Israeli forces were arresting her mother in August 2012. She was praised by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for her courage and valor. The same year when her older brother was getting arrested, Ahed intervened and showed the soldiers her fist and this video also went viral and she gained worldwide publicity. She was invited to visit Turkey by their President.

In 2016, she was denied a visa by the US when she was to tour the country and deliver a speech. The tour was called No Child Behind Bars/Living Resistance.

Ahed Tamimi and the slapping incident

In December 2017, when the Israeli forces invaded her home and were trying to arrest her brother Waed for stone-throwing, she kicked and slapped them and this video of hers was posted online and has gone viral. Apparently her cousin Mohammed Tamimi was severely hurt in the head when the soldiers shot him with a steel bullet. On 19 December, Ahed was arrested along with her mother and cousin Nour. Rallies occurred in North America and Europe in support of Ahed. She was sentenced to a jail term of 8 months and released in July 2018.

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Ahed has become an international figure and stands for Palestinian protests against the occupation by Israel of the West Bank. She has been invited for talks and also honored by many clubs and associations worldwide. A documentary film has been made on her and Israel now is been criticized for having mishandled the case.

Ahed and her social media/body measurements/personal life

Ahed’s mother Nariman has a Facebook account though Ahed has no verified Facebook account. She has no Twitter or Instagram. Her height and other body measurements are not known but she has brown hair and hazel-colored eyes. There is nothing known about her personal life or whether she has any boyfriends. She is currently focused on working for her country and Palestine.

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