9 Facts About the Ex-Husband of Candice Swanepoel

More about Hermann Nicoli and what happened to their relationship

Candice Swanepoel: One of the Top Victoria’s Secret Model

Candice Swanepoel was born on Oct 20th, 1988. She is a philanthropist and a South African model. While growing up, Candice was a ballet dancer. She is a Victoria Secret’s angel and is well-known for her thriving modeling career. She is one of the highest-earning models of today and was listed 8 in the Forbes top-earning models list.  Like many other models, Candice too was spotted by a model scout in public in a market. From there, her modeling career started. Candace met her now ex-husband, Hermann Nicoli at just the age of 17 in Paris, France. Nicoli was 23 at that time. The two started dating and got married in August 2015. They separated in November 2018.

9 Facts about Hermann Nicoli

Hermann is a Brazilian model famous for his relationship with Victoria Secret Model Candice Swanepoel. He was born on 8th July 1982 in Brazil. He has two siblings Gabi and Sabrina. Hermann met Candice in 2005 while in Paris at a fashion event. The couple got engaged in August 2015. Here are 9 facts about Hermann Nicoli.

1. He is very secretive about his personal life

Not much is known about Brazilian model Hermann Nicoli’s private life. He is originally from Brasília, Brazil. He met Candice in a fashion event in Paris. He got even more famous after the news of him dating the VS model Candice Swanepoel got out and now he has quite a following on social media. He is also one of the top paid models and works for Next Management. Not much is known about his personal life except what he chooses to show. He has two sisters Gabi and Sabrina. He is currently residing in the United States, where he works as a model.

2. He met Candice in Paris

Herman Nicoli and Candice Swanepoel met when he was 23 in a fashion show in Paris. Candace was 17 at that time. He got famous after he started dating Candice and now he’s one of the highest-paid models in the industry. Herman didn’t take the spotlight as a model at first but caught the attention of masses because he proposed Candice. That worked out well for him as his good looks were soon recognized and he rose to fame as a model. Although the two don’t open up much on their private life, they didn’t hesitate to show their love for each other which is quite palpable from the pictures of the two that Nicoli posted on his Instagram account.

3. He’s a Cancer

Herman Nicoli’s star sign is cancer. Cancer’s biggest traits are being emotional and nurturing. At times they are also highly intuitive and sensitive. It is certain that most of the cancers are introverts and don’t like socializing too much… They don’t like being in the spotlight which may be the reason Hermann isn’t too keen on showing off his personal life. Cancers prefer deep intimate connections with just a few people instead of socializing in large groups as large groups overwhelm them.  No information about his family whereabouts is available but we do know that he is the only son in the family and has two sisters He has a net worth of $1.5 Million  

4. He has a net worth of $1.5 Million

Hermann Nicoli is a pretty rich guy with a net worth of $1.5 million. He earns this money by his various contracts with different brands including Next.  His ex-wife Candice Swanepoel has a net worth of about $25 million He is very fond of cars and does not hesitate to spend money on them. He owns two cars, a Buell EBR Superbike which costs  $13,995, and a KTM1290 Super Duke which costs $17,399.He loves cars and makes money through endorsements and advertisements for various brands

5. He has two children

Hermann Nicoli has two children both with Candace Swanepoel; a son named Anacan born on 5th October 2016 and another son Ariel born on 19th July 2018. On the birth of their second child, she posted a picture on Instagram of her newborn son holding her finger. She drew a yellow heart on the image with the caption “Blessed”. Before birth, Hermann’s ex-wife told the public that they were going to have a baby boy. She posted a video on her Instagram of her younger son, Anaca kissing her baby bump with the caption “My boys”. Will the two boys take up modeling like their parents? It does seem like a good career option considering both Hermann and Candice are excellent at what they do.

6. He has little social media presence

While all the big names in the modeling industry love to keep their fans updated, Hermann Nicoli prefers to play it cool and keep stuff private. He had a big following on Instagram, but it seems that his account is deactivated as of now. He used to post pictures of his family and his kids before deactivating his account due to some personal issues we are unaware of. He has no public account on twitter or Facebook either. The Brazilian model does not want to mix his personal and private life.

7. He dreamt of becoming a model in his childhood

Not all the people in this world get to live their childhood dream when they grow up. Luckily, Nicoli is not one of them. When he was a small boy, he wanted to be one of the young men to walk on the runway. , and his determination and positive attitude have made him achieve his goal. Now, he works for one of the best brands in the world – Next. Now talking about walking on the ramp, Nicoli gives quite a competition to other models, while holding a staggering net worth of $1.5 million.

8. He cares a lot about his body image and remains fit

As one of the biggest names in the modeling industry, Hermann Nicoli, like any other model cares about his body image. He likes to remain fit and with the help of training, he has been able to get the perfect body… The model stands tall with a height of 6 feet 1 inch. His weight is about 176 pounds which translates to almost 80 kg. These numbers show that he cares about his body weight and muscle as keeping it perfect is a must-have for his career.

9. His love story was like a Hollywood romance movie

Hermann’s love story is relationship goals in today’s time and age when most Hollywood couples don’t last too long.  He met South African model Candice Swanepoel in Paris when he was just 23 years old and they started dating. Access Hollywood reports that Candice was so in love with him that she started getting Portuguese lessons from her boyfriend and is completely fluent now thanks to Hermann. They dated for 10 years and finally, Hermann asked Candice to marry him. They had 2 children. But alas, their love story came to an end in November 2018.

What Happened to Their Relationship?

Hermann Nicoli and Candice Swanepoel separated after dating for almost 12 years. The model posted a picture of a heart with thorns on her Instagram with the caption “It’s over”. They were considered a power couple as their relationship was long and healthy. But till today, no one knows the real reason why they separated.  What we see on social media isn’t the reality and the power couple must be having some issues in their personal life that led them to make this difficult decision.

What is Hermann’s and Candice’s status now?

As of 2020, both the models are continuing their careers and are getting more and more famous. Candice splits her time between her job and taking care of her children. They are both single and don’t seem keen on dating anyone yet. They had a beautiful relationship, so of course, it will take the time to move on.

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Candice Swanepoel and Hermann Nicoli were one of the favorite Hollywood couples. They dated for almost 12 years. But sadly, their relationship came to an end in November 2018. Though they seemed pretty happy on social media, this tells us that we don’t know anything about any public figure in today’s world. Breakups are hard and it is very obvious that, like normal people, it will take these two some time to get over it.