2020 Top 15 Most Attractive Men in The Entertainment Scene

A list of the top 15 most attractive male celebrities in 2020

The Hottest 15 Most Attractive Men Who Are Celebrities In 2020

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Who do you think should be on a hot male celebrity list nowadays? The choices right now are endless and well, not everyone is going to be on the same page about some choices but we all can agree that there’s a lot of male eye candy in the celebrity sphere to keep us delighted. Some women may prefer the hotness and wisdome of all-time favorites and very well-establish actors like Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood or Denzel Washington; others may be more inclined to the hotness of the entire male cast of The Avengers, starting with Chis Evans and Mr. Robert Downey Jr. and of course, the mighty Thor aka Chris Hemsworth,   just to mention a few.
And what about hot male singers? So many choices there too. How about those Jonas brothers, hard to pick just one. Justin Timberlake is pretty up there in the hot-o-meter, he not only has a privilege set of pipes, but he’s also got some amazing moves and he acts too…talk about dreamy. The list can go on, Usher, Chris Martin from Coldplay or Mr. Lenny Kravits. All these guys are a delight to listen to and to look at, right?
A what about those celebrities that apart from being hot can make us laugh?! Yep, we’re talking about those celebrity male comedians that got lucky on the looks department and can make us swoon while giving us a good laugh. Names like Dane Cook and Seth McFarlane come to mind, just to get started. Humor is a trait that women find very attractive in men, that paired with very good looks is what makes these comedians very good candidates for the hottest male celebrities lists.
Hope you enjoy our selection. 

Hottest Male Actors

Not an easy task since, as we established before, there are so many options to choose from. The next five male actors are favorites among the ladies, not just for their outstanding good looks but because they have dashing personalities as well as incredible talent. Many that check these characteristics are going to be left out but we think that these five deserve the title of Hot Male Actor. 

1. Chris Evans

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Talk about eye candy right? We start the list on the right foot with Captain America aka Chris Evans. Apart from his extremely good looks, he’s also a very charismatic person and one of Hollywoods’s most approachable actors. While his looks are provocative, he seems like such a nice guy and he’s a gentleman. This was evident while filming the movie Push, he took issue with one of the scenes he had to do with Camilla Belle where he had to grope her while kissing her. He refuses to do the scene until he was sure Camilla was OK with it.

2. Henry Cavill

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Ahhh Superman, who has dreamed about being rescued by this very hot superhero? Many actors have had the chance to play the DC superhero ( they have all rate high in the hotness department) but Henry Cavill has definitely set the bar up. Henry is a Britsh Actor that apart from portraying the man of steel in the three last movies featuring Superman, is killing it in Netflix hit series The Witcher. 
He’s got female fans all over the world because women are crazy about his broad shoulders and very fine physique, which he maintains with sessions of daily cardio and some heavy lifting. It also helps that he’s got amazing blue eyes and… what about that Britsh accent! 

3. Robert Downey Jr.

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Mr. Downey Jr. is one of Hollywood’s most famous stars and after his role of Ironman aka Tony Starks he’s definitely a megastar. Downey Jr. not only has the looks, but he’s also got the talent and boy what a tremendous thing that is! He can play whatever he wants and we buy it. Whether he’s playing Sherlock Holmes or Charles Chaplin or Iron Man, it’s impossible not to be drawn by him. 
Despite being in his late forties, he’s managed to stay a heartthrob through all his filming career making girls from all ages swoon at his feet.  

4. Idris Elba

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Idris Elba was named People magazine’s Sexiest man alive in 2018 and the title is well deserved! With his smoldering looks and a very sexy smile, he has made women around the world swoon. He became popular thanks to his star role in Thor as the Norse gatekeeper Heimdall. This 47-year hunk likes what he sees in the mirror but was surprised when the magazine named him the sexiest man alive. He joked about it but was very cool with it. He’s got charisma, a fine bod, a very sexy accent, and so much talent.

5. Bradley Cooper

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Bradly Cooper has a pair of very seductive blue eyes and a smile that really seals the deal. He was the Sexiest Man Alive in 2011 and since then, things just got better. He has had a tremendous film success and has become a household name in Hollywood. He not only has some amazing good looks but he’s also a very talented actor and director. He really proved his worth in ” A Star is Born”, where he acted, directed and singed. Bradley Cooper is hot as well as talented.

Hottest Male Singers

The next 5 male celebrities, apart from their amazing good looks, are talented singers that can entertain us for hours and hours.

6. Adam Levine

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Adam Levine or should we say Devine! is the lead singer of Maroon 5 and he is the ultimate heartthrob. Between his dreamy looks, his sexy tattoos and his amazing talent on stage it’s no wonder he appears on most lists of hot male singers. He was named Sexiest Man Alive by People’s magazine in 2013 and in the eyes of his fans he still holds the title. Marriage and fatherhood have mellowed him a bit, but the hotness is still just off the roof.

7. Nick Jonas

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Nick is the youngest of the Jonas brothers and like his brothers, he’s very fortunate in the looks department. It wasn’t always like that. Before The Jonas Brothers really hit it in the music scene, he was very skinny due to suffering Type 1 diabetes. Now he has a toned body that has landed him some very sexy commercials for a famous underwear brand. 

8. Shawn Mendes

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Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer-songwriter and he’s also a model. He has been rising to the top charts thanks to his first album and has recently landed a shoot with Calvin Klein. You can imagine that he looks perfect but he wasn’t all on board with the shoot, he was nervous to pose in front of a camera in his underwear but he has nothing to worry about, judging by those abs, he’ll look more than fine. 

9. Zayn Malik

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Zayn was part of the British boy band One Direction and as you know they were a big hit. He quit the band in 2015 to launch his solo career and he hit it big. Girls love his looks, tattoos included, because it gives him a bad boy vibe that really works. He’s always changing his looks to keep it fresh and that originality is what sets him apart and keeps him on the hot male lists.

10. Justin Timberlake

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Justin definitely brought “the sexy back”. He’s a talented singer-songwriter with some amazing moves and he’s not a bad actor too. The whole package. He believes himself a channel because, through his music or his acting or even his comedy, he helps people get through tough times. That’s what he likes better about his career. And that’s what makes him a favorite among the ladies, he’s not only an eye candy, he’s a good guy.

Hottest Stand Up Comedians

Handsomeness is not very common among comedy men, but once in a while we stumble among some that not only have pitch-perfect comedy time, they are not hard on the eye.

11. Dane Cook

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Dane Cook was like the rock star of the comedy scene during the middle 2000s. He sold stadiums thanks to his affable yet cutting humor brand. Thanks to that, he got his chance in the movies, he starred in Good Luck Chuck and Mr. 3000. He’s got some scandals that have question his jokes’ authenticity and many people have wondered if he’s really that funny. But what is undeniable is his very good looks. His height combined with how he dresses and that sexy smile has landed him a place in the hot male comedian lists.

12. Daniel Tosh

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Daniel Tosh is the star of his own comedy show on Comedy Central called Tosh O. You may not think that he’s that good looking at first. but with a set of perfect teeth, a weird but sexy smile, and all that height he manages to get the attention of the ladies. Plus he is also quite funny so… not bad at all.

13. Chris Hardwick

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It took a while for Chris Hardwick to become famous but he finally made it with his show @midnight on Comedy Central. A joke-based game show where comedians zing-in for points. The show was very successful but sadly (for all the fans) it was canceled in 2017. Part of the show’s success was due to Chris’s good looks, apart from his undeniable wit. Women were entertained by his jokes and of course, by his looks.

14. Andy Samberg

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Andy Samberg became know for his digital shorts in SNL, they were hilarious. While people enjoyed watching him be funny, they also became aware of his good looks. The combination of incredible comedic talent and good looks landed him his own network show called Brooklyn Nine-NIne, where he plays a very good looking detective with a funny personality. A perfect blend for attractiveness

15. Joel McHale

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Joel McHale is definitely a hot male stand up comedian. He’s got a sexy smile, a tone body and the height to carry it on. Plus he’s got some serious comedic talent. He’s done some very popular and hilarious shows during his career, likes hosting The Soup or his starring role on the network comedy Community, where he played the handsome and charming Jeff Winger. 

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There you have it, 15 attractive male celebrities for your delight. Whether they charm you on the big screen or TV, delight you with some amazing pipes or make you laugh your heart out, they all are way high on the hotness scale.