18 Couple Costumes To Match With Your Partner At A Party

Dress up as a power couple for any costume related parties!

Costumes To Match With Your Partner At A Party

Whether you are a newly wedded couple going for a party or a soon to be to couple hanging out with friends at a party, you wouldn’t want to miss out on our list of the best matching couple costumes available.
When it comes to picking a party costume, there is one important factor that must be considered – the type of party you are about to attend. We are quite sure you wouldn’t want to be putting on a couple’s Halloween costume at a friend’s birthday party.
Our list comprises of 18 different couple’s costumes suitable for different types of parties. Sit back and enjoy a good read.

1. Jim and Pam from The Office

The cute and attractive style that Jim and Pam from The Office movie portrayed have earned the couples costume a spot on our list. One standout feature of the Jim and Pam matching costume has is that you don’t have to visit the boutique to make it possible. With a cardigan, skirt and a ponytail Pam is good to go while all Jim needs is a long sleeve shirt, black tie, and some slacks.

2. Twins from The Shining (For Halloween Only)

If you enjoyed the scary thrill attached to The Shining then you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Twins costume. Note that the twins costume is suitable for parties where you want to scare the hell out of other attendees; however, it’s less likely that you would fancy it in a Christmas or birthday reception party.

3. Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Fred and Wilma Flintstone matching costumes might not be suitable for a wedding party, but for a stand-up comedy party, we don’t think you would find a better fit. The modern stone-age family attire is as simple and enticing as a dress can be.

4. Money Heist Couple

The thrill attached to the Money Heist movie has made its costume a must-wear for couples hanging out with friends or going on a holiday. If you and your partner would fancy-looking extremely different and anonymous at a party, then the Money Heist couple costume would be a perfect pick. All you need is a red jumpsuit, sneakers, and a mask to fit.
The mask should be off when you ENTER the party for people to recognize you and to put on only for show! Don’t want this power couple costume to ruin the night by people thinking that there is an actual heist going on!

5. Olive Oyl and Popeye

High school reunions have become a part of our everyday life. Be it that of your kids or you and your colleagues or best friends like in that of the 1997 cult classic, ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’ you could always grab the Olive Oyl and Popeye matching couple costumes. Enjoy the thrill of old-time classic from the Olive Oyl and Popeye matching costume outfit. You wouldn’t look like the youngest couples in town, but you would still get the recognition you deserve.

6. Shipwrecked Couple

If you are on a quest to put on the scrappiest of look for an occasion, then the Shipwrecked matching couple’s costume would be a perfect fit. You can mimic characters from Lost or Castaway with this all-time classic couple’s costume. It’s great for Halloween and crazy night parties.

7. Vikings Couple costumes

Vikings couple’s costumes have gained a widely acknowledged audience due to the rare hat feature it offers. While the couple outfit comprises of casual wears, the hat is designed in a somewhat funny manner. It’s perfect for festive parties.

8. Better Half costumes

Going to a pool party? The better half costume got you covered. It can be drawn out of almost every wardrobe, all that is required is a pair of sneakers, bum shorts, and a t-shirt for ladies; a pair of jeans, sneakers and matching t-shirt for the men.

9. Sandy and Danny from Grease

When it comes to plain and simple, Sandy and Danny from ‘Grease’ is a perfect demonstration. You wouldn’t need to put on the same colors as the one they had on in the final scene of the all-time classic but ensure that the t-shirt and jeans are of the same style.

10. Romeo and Juliet costume

Picking an outfit can get tiring especially when going for in house parties. The Romeo and Juliet love story has been told thousands of times over without any complaint of it being a tiring one to listen to. The couple costume comprises a cute pair of flare gowns, a t-shirt, and jeans. Suitable mainly for couples that don’t want to put in too much effort in picking a costume.

11. James Bond costume

If you have seen the exceptional 007 movies, then you wouldn’t have a hard time deciphering what the male outfit would look like. While there is no particular female character that would have matched the classical tuxedo ambiance that James goes with, it might interest you to know that there is a couple’s outfit to match. A blond wig in a matching gown is all your partner would need to keep the James bond mood going.

12. Bonnie and Clyde costume

While the Bonnie and Clyde couple’s costume is a matching fit widely enjoyed by seniors, you can enjoy the partner-in-crime Bonnie and Clyde couple costume even at the earliest stage of a relationship. The costume’s rare aura of elegance has made it a reputable outfit for official parties.

13. 60s Tomorrowland Characters

Be it Halloween or a science fiction party, 60s Tomorrowland costume would enable you to slay in all. The awkward but highly appreciated costume would place you in an outfit suitable for space. If you and your partner haven’t journeyed to space yet, 60s Tomorrowland couple costume would provide you with the opportunity of doing so come Halloween.

14. Pantone Color Combos Couple

Picking the wrong colors can provide you with an awkward look even when the right costumes are handy. Pantone Color Combos Couple’s costume is designed for couples obsessed with colors. If you and your partner love the feel of different shades, then you wouldn’t want to miss out on the Pantone Color Combos costume.

15. The Princess Bride costume

Dressing like a princess is every girl’s dream. Regardless of your style of clothing, The Princess Bride couple costume would provide you with an attractive look like no other. The red silky designed clothing provides a flare but attractive looking feature to the skinniest of fattest of girls. Putting on the princess bride costume with your partner would require black t-shirts, black jeans and a remarkable pair of shoes to fit.

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16. Safari Couple costume

Does wide life have an impactful meaning to you and your bride? Safari couple is one of the few couple costumes suitable for holiday parties. The animal and pet lover costumes are suitable for couples with a peculiar thirst for wide life. The costume is made up of a hat, button-up gown, belt, and pair of long shoes for the female while the male, on the other hand, enjoys a hat, long sleeve shirt, jeans and a pair of shoes to match.

17. Buddy the Elf and Jovi costume

The festive seasons are around the corner. You certainly have to have a lot of matching costumes if you are planning to attend a handful number of parties with your bride. Buddy the Elf and Jovi might not be the best of outfit for attending official family parties but when it comes to hanging out with old buddies from high school, this remarkable piece of fashion isn’t one that you would like to miss out on.

18. Cowboy and Cowgirl costume

Cowboy and cowgirl love stories have made even the gloomiest of relationships gain a factual standing. What better outfit would you find when attending outdoor parties with other couples? The unique aura that comes with this couple costume has helped tons of couples steal the show in numerous romance filled parties. The cowboy and cowgirl costume comprise a cowboy hat, matching pair of jeans, long sleeve shirts and boot.


Lots of couple’s costumes can be found on and off the internet. Regardless of the party at hand, wearing a matching costume with your partner would enable you to propagate a unique feeling in the mind of other attendees.
While the notion of wearing a matching costume is one that should be highly adopted by couples around the globe, you should check out the type of party you are attending before picking a costume. You and partner wouldn’t fancy the awkwardness attached to putting on a matching night club party costume at a Christmas party.