16-year old Lil Pump And His Career path as a Rapper!! Learn About His Career Path, Net-worth As Well His Upcoming New Project, And The 2017 Tour

Lil Pump

In today’s era, rap song are being more popular with most of the teenagers from all around the world. Rap songs as well rappers mostly born in the year 2000 and later are making the high space between the teenagers. Similarly, the 16-years old rapper Lil Pump is now the internet sensation and the emerging star.

He has already started putting up God-level SoundCloud numbers. Lil Pump has achieved a Lil Uzi Vert co-sign with his repetitive lyrical style and penchant for booming, hyper-distorted production. More of that, let us discuss his growing a career, net-worth, upcoming new project and his 2017 tour.

Rapper Lil Pump
Source: Wikimedia Commons ( Lil Pump)

Personal life of the Rapper Lil Pump

Though there are not lots of information regarding the rapper Lil Pump on the internet.  But we could collect many of them through his different interviews. When we are talking about the inside life of any celebrity, there comes his friends and friend circle. Well, Rapper Lil Pump is friend with Smokepurpp. Both of them has the close association with each other. Smokepurpp has produced numerous of his songs.

Moreover, they also co-headlined the No Jumper tour earlier this spring. Now talking about his fights with enemies, he chooses to make the rivalry with the peace-loving mega-rapper J. Cole. During the beginning of April, he started the fight on the social media. Moreover, he also gave the preview of the diss-track against J.Cole.

In an interview, when he got the question about why he decided to work with Smokepurrp, he said:

“Yeah, I fuck with his beats. He’s hot. One of the best producers out of Florida.”

During the interview, he also talked a bit about “Audi”. As the lyrics of the song became highly popular, he said:

“That track’s produced by Ronny J. It’s one of my biggest songs right now. Shout out Ronny J. We made that shit up at my homeboy’s crib. I was like, “yo, just use, like, the weirdest sounds. Like, look for a siren.” Just random industrial shit. I was just like “yo, make a weird-ass beat.” Now because of that, he just knows my style. I’m like, bro, just do it. ( Laughs) Just do it bro, I’m on some weird shit.”

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Career details of Lil Pump: Also His 2017 tour and the upcoming new project

He got the encouragement to choose the way of rapping as his career from his friend Smokepurrp. During his beginning of a career, Smokepurrp used to produced a track and asked Lil to freestyle over it with a headphone mic. He released his first individual single in 2016 on Soundcloud. After the short time, he again released his singles like “Elementary”, “Ignorant”, “Gang Shit”, and “Drum$tick”. And each one of them earned over three million streams.

Currently, just after the month of releasing the self-titled debut album, he is all set for the new project. On Friday, November, Pump tweeted:

He did not reveal any further information but only announced that he s up to some new project. Rapper Pump will also continue his 2017 tour. During the tour, he will be visiting  Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Detroit, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas and more.

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