15 Famous People Who Used and Apply Astrology

Celebrities, musicians and the world’s richest are into astrology

Celebrities, musicians and the world’s richest are into astrology

Astrology and How It Affects Our Lives

When followed, astrology has a very unique and powerful impact on our lives. Lots of people utilize astrology charts which have the ability to assist you in directing your life and everyday decisions. Many people throughout history have utilized the majestic techniques and tools of astrology and have seen amazing results throughout their daily lives. Even today, countless politicians and celebrities still utilize astrology to assist in determining the outcomes of their lives and future success.
For every aspect of life, there is an astrological connection on how to change the way you’re living. The purpose of astrology is to aid in removing negative aspects from your physical and emotional states so you can prosper in other areas of life. To align your life by way of the planets and the stars, to allow for the best possible existence. 

These areas include relationships, health and finances. It’s said that each planet coincides with a certain characteristic providing the ability to strengthen it to bring more good into your life. For example, according to Futurepointindia.com, the planet Mercury relates to wisdom while Saturn relates to our karmic deeds and how they are paid off. 

While each planet has a connection to a certain part of who we are, planets are ever-changing and therefore a birth chart is highly suggested. Depending on where the planets are on someone’s birth chart is how an astrologer is able to determine and make predictions for a person’s future. 

We all go through things in our daily lives that consist of lots of sadness, anger, and things that may hold us back. Astrology essentially helps us to remove those obstacles and their causes so that we can live and love to our greatest potential. 

15 Famous People Who Uses Astrology in Their Lives

1. JP Morgan

JP Morgan continues to be a massive success and there are many factors as to why. Among these includes his use of astrology.  Morgan who initially was a skeptic gave astrology a chance after deciding to give infamous astrologer Evangeline Adams a chance to complete a chart and readings.  He later brought Evangeline on as an astrologer into his company and since has used it in every aspect of his success. Morgan also coined the infamous phrase “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.”

2. Nancy Reagan

For both Nancy and Ronald Reagan, astrology made quite an impact in their relationship within the White House. In 1988 the book titled Where’s The Rest of Me? Told the story of how astrology played an important daily role for the former president and his first lady.

It’s said the pair used daily astrological charts and even prior to President Reagan’s attempted assassination it was reported that an astrologer warned Nancy Reagan about something happening on the very day President Reagan was shot. It was also said that many of Reagan’s political decisions were said to be “timed” astrologically despite his denial is the use of astrology for his political moves. 

3. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a huge fan of astrology and is reported to use Buddhist astrology. It is said that she utilizes astrology for daily choices as well as important  moments in her life. She also uses this ancient astrology when it comes to her health and her career such as deciding on movie roles. Furthermore, it’s said that Angelina has preference for movies to premier on days that coincide with astrological predictions. She’s an Aries moon which explains her go-getter, fun, and adventurous attitude. 

4. Theodore Roosevelt

As surprising as it may seem the amazing former president Theodore Roosevelt was actually into astrology. Roosevelt was in fact so interested, he made sure to showcase his interest by having his horoscope placed for all to see in the Oval Office. He was also a fan of keeping of with astrological weather predictions.. 

5. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has been a household name for decades and the bubbly star we know and love also has a serious interest in astrology. Diaz is even said to be a long time client of one of the most well-known astrologists in the world, Susan Miller. Diaz has always been highly interested in seeking answers regarding her future through astrology. It’s interesting to see how else the planets will align for this wonderfully talented actress. 

6. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is among the most successful artists in the world and astrology just may play a role in the glamorous singer’s amazing success. Lopez has expressed in interviews about her love and interest of astrology. Like many of us, Jennifer Lopez constantly thinks about her future and therefore her interest in astrology will and contnues to help her to learn more and find out about what may happen next. 

7. Albert Einstein

While Einstein was an expert when it comes to science and math, he was also a huge believer and fan of astrology. He gave credit to the majestic practice of astrology as he felt it brought about lots of great things, such as knowledge, into his life. Due to this alone, many astrologists now consider astrology to play just as important a role in science as any other scientific subject matter. 

8. Carl Jung

Carl Jung could debatably be considered one of the first to bring astrology to the forefront of the world of psychology. He was among many of the most brilliant minds in history including Albert Einstein and Sigmond Freud, who taught Jung all about psychology. Jung was so intrigued with astrology that he began to incorporate them into sessions with his patients. 

Jung was also the first to notice the connection between the moon and a woman’s cycle.  He finally coined the term synchronicity, which he deeply believed is what caused a woman’s cycle to be in harmony with the moon.

9. Adam Lambert

Source: Flickr by Raph_PH

Adam Lambert has made it known about how he believes in astrology and has a great interest in it.  Being an Aquarius Adam spoke about how he strongly believes in astrology even while on the set of American Idol, where he got his amazing start. He even shares his love for the intriguing topic with other celebrities as he’s reportedly had the opportunity to converse over astrology with none other than the infamous Madonna. 

10. Hippocrates

Hippocrates was and is still known as the founding father of medicine. However, some don’t know that Hippocrates utilized astrology when it came to the study of medicine and the human body. His findings included a correlation between disease and certain areas of the body being linked to certain planets.

Diagnosing illnesses and prescribing medicine was also calculated with zodiac signs and planets. Hippocrates heavily believed that a doctor should not be called a doctor unless he was knowledgeable on the  subject of astrology. 

“A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician”- Hippocrates 

11. Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is well known for his innovative abilities as he invented several things that still are very useful for modern civilization today. These inventions include bifocals, the lightning rod, the stove and much more. However, Franklin was much more than an inventor as he was very active in his community and even delved into the world of astrology.  Franklin was particularly interested in the eclipse, both star and planetary. 

As a child Franklin often gazed at the stars and drew the stars and planets. That’s when he first noticed the eclipse and soon realized that when a planet and the Sun would eclipse, that was a great sign that we should expect something good to happen here on Earth. Moreover, Franklin used astrology to mark one of the greatest days in history and he was very successful in doing so. 

12. Shirley Maclaine

This amazing actress has been around for a very long time and has certainly made a memorable name for herself. She’s definitely a star on screen and has made it known that she’s got a serious interest for stars off screen. Maclaine is said to consult with well known  astrologers on a regular basis with Clarisa Berndhart being one of her long time guides. Shirley Maclaine has also expressed her fondness for spirituality over the years in books that she’s written. 

13. Princess Diana

Wikipedia Commons: oil painting by rajasekharan

The princess we all universally know and love was also into astrology. In fact, it’s said she sought astrological advice from Penny Thornton ,according to the amazing astrologer herself. Princess Diana reportedly gave Thornton a call requesting she complete a chart for her. 

At this time Princess Diana had been having trouble with her marriage to Prince Charles. She was not happy and through Thornton’s reading, she was able to give Diana insight via her personal chart that would later help her through future endeavours throughout her time as princess. 

14. Madonna

It’s no surprise the queen of eclectic herself, Madonna, is an avid fan of astrology. Madonna first revealed this in an interview back in the ’90s where she explained in-depth about astrology and how she herself is a Virgo moon, rising Aquarius, and the sun sign of Leo. It’s clear Madonna not only truly admires astrology but also deeply enjoys spirituality as a whole as she applies it to her daily life. 

15. Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte has certainly made his mark in history, and astrology may have played quite a role in doing so. It is said that Bonaparte only made decisions based on the feedback of his astrologer Marie Anne Lenormand. Napoleon always took Lenormand’s advice before any move, except for the one time where he didn’t. This would be his last battle where Napoleon loses his life, which Lenormand actually predicted by way of astrology. 

Should You Apply Astrology?

You can change your direction at any given moment and astrology is simply a unique tool that can assist along the way of our beautiful journey. Adding astrology is said and proven to bring about many opportunities and open new doors within your life. 

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Predict what he wants and align your ideas with the stars


As we all know life is not easy and there are many roads we can take through life. Situations make it easy to feel alone when in reality, that is the only perception. Astrology can aid in helping to create a much easier life for yourself and those around you. Ultimately, this can help to bring about happiness and the life you’ve dreamed of.