10 Makeup Filter Apps Available On iPhone And Androids

Top makeup filter apps most ladies (and men) have on their phone

Best Free Makeup Filter Apps For Android and iPhones That Everyone Is Downloading

Girls, get your phones ready for your summer vacation! You don’t need a camera to take gorgeous filtered photos. Thanks to our amazing technology these days, we’re able to take artistic photos with just our phones. No photoshop needed and your skin will look as smooth as a baby. Not only your skin will look smooth, but you will also be able to have fun with awesome features included in each app like stickers, filters and many more so you can have fun while taking that perfect picture!
What are you waiting for? Check out these apps that you must have on your phone!

1. AirBrush

Over one million users giving it 4.8 stars out of 5 can tell you how satisfying this app is. With plenty of settings and effects available, you can go for any style you want in your photos. Blemish and pimple remover, whiten teeth and brighten eyes, artistic retouching features, real-time editing technology, and radiant filters just to name a few.
Instant glowing looks are now made possible by this app. Its user-friendly structure also makes it easier for users to master.
Available on Apple and Google Play

2. Meitu

Seriously the most popular camera filter app in China. Meitu literally translates to beautiful photos in Mandarin. Not only in China, but this app is also now trending worldwide. Remember all the times you’re amazed by how someone can look with makeup? This app puts makeup on your face, light or thick. You can basically be a whole different person with this app. It gives you bigger eyes, sharper chin, a straighter nose, and fuller lips. Everything is adjustable so you can create the ultimate perfect look.
Different settings are also available. Whether it’s the vintage vibe or techno hippy vibe you’re looking for, Meitu has it all for you.
Available on Apple and Google Play


Another top trending app in Asia. SNOW is a Korean beauty app capturing the hearts of many girls. A very cool feature of SNOW is its 1000 stickers. If you think Instagram offers you enough stickers, think again! SNOW offers over 1000 stickers with different styles.
Its beauty effects and seasonal filters provide you the best trending profile-worthy photos every season. SNOW is the hot pick everywhere in Asia, growing popularity in Europe and now reaching the US! Don’t miss out on this fun and diverse app!
Available on Apple and Google Play

4. Facetune2

If you think Facetune 1 was fun and practical, think about all the new features and coolness Facetune 2 is about to bring to you! Facetune 2 instantly gives you a brighter smile and sparkling eyes. Porcelain-like skin is now for you even if you’re troubled by those annoying pimples. You can easily enhance or dial down the features as you please to achieve the best results.
Light effects and creative filters are manually adjusted to create your own unique style. Facetune 2 is a complete upgrade from the first one. Time for a pleasant upgrade.
Available on Apple and Google Play


One of the oldest, still-standing camera filter apps in the market. VSCO came out in 2011, almost before all these camera filter apps started to take off. VSCO captured the heart of many for its various filters and user-friendly settings back in the days when there weren’t many options.
Till this day, even with lots and lots of competitors, VSCO is still striving, offering more and more filters and functions to its users. The best part about VSCO is its huge community. You can share your photos or ask for advice from the VSCO community and you will surely get the help you are looking for.
You can choose to join the VSCO membership to enjoy all the cool presets by Kodak.
Available on Apple and Google Play

6. Snapchat

The easiest filter app on the market. You literally just open the app and you can start taking pictures with filters. Snapchat has a huge community and people are enjoying it so much because they can share their photos with friends instantly, and users can’t save photos. Sometimes you just want to send a silly selfie with filter and not want your friends to waste their storage space or have to delete it afterward. This app comes in handy for just some casual fun!
Create your own icon and see where your friends are and share your location with them! You can also easily meet new friends on snapchat. Its highly interactive feature is one of the reasons Snapchat is one of the world’s most popular camera filter app.
Available on Apple and Google Play

7. Fabby

Not only filters on your face, but your hair too! Change your hair colors simple and fast with Fabby! With new filters being uploaded every day, Fabby takes filter apps to the next level by allowing users to mix and match the makeup filters and hair color filters to achieve the most fun look. Want to dye your hair soon but are not sure which color to go for? Get this app and it will be easy to see what color suits you best.
Available on Apple and Google Play

Best Paid Makeup Filter Apps to Download

8. TouchRetouch

Remove, remove and remove. This app allows you to remove any wanted objects in the photos. From pimples and dark circles on your skin to light poles and power lines, anything you want removed is done with just one click.
The best feature of this app is how well they remove unwanted objects. It also gives out some simple filters, but not a lot compared to the previous apps. But the best filter is the one you can choose what to filter out!
TouchRetouch is available for $1.99 on Apple and Google Play

9. VHS Camcorder

Used by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, and Victoria Beckham, etc. More than just for a picture. This app transforms any videos into old, messed-up-looking retro videos, and of course, photos too. It’s 2019 and you’re shooting videos like it’s 1984, how fun! Going vintage is the new trend. Beyonce loves this kind of style and has used it quite a lot in her MVs.
VHS Camcorder is available for $4.49 on Apple and Google Play

10. Photo Lab PRO Picture Editor

This internet-based app provides you with more than 900 awesome effects for your photos. Fun and easy, they even have Iron Man, Darth Vader or Mona Lisa filters. Be whoever you want to be. This professional filter app offers you tons of unusual filters to create the most surreal, magical selfies.
So many users have commented that this app is the best-paid app available and it’s hard to go back to the free ones after you’ve seen what this app can do.
Available for $10.99 on Apple and Google Play

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Are you impressed yet by these awesome apps yet? They create fun and elegant photos for your Instagram posts and let you change anything you want. Many of these photo apps are free and easy to use. You don’t need to be a pro to figure out how to use these apps. They can do functions that you can’t normally do with just your phone camera.
Paid apps obviously offer you more features with better quality. Choose one that suits your needs the best and start downloading it today! You can always download all the free ones and see which one you like best anyways! Now you can have loads of cool pics to post for your summer vacation!