10 Best Photos Of Ivanka Trump: Model And Advisor To The US President

Ivanka Trump seems to do it all. She is an advisor, fashion designer, model, and more! Check out some of her best pics from Instagram here!

All about Ivanka Trump

Practically everybody knows that Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump. She is also a hard worker. She is a businesswoman, fashion designer, author, model, and advisor to the president. All of these careers allow Ivanka Trump to command an impressive net worth of $300 million. Moreover, when combined with her husband’s net worth, the couple has about $740 million. All of this money gives Trump what she needs to buy the fashionable outfits shown below.

Check out her best pics from Instagram and more

Ivanka Trump is a fan of social media. She posts some of her best pics on her Instagram page. Most of her pictures show her on the job, with her children and husband, and generally looking stunning.


In this photo, Ivanka Trump is hard at work. One of her many jobs is to work as an advisor to her father, Donald Trump. Here, she is rocking a suit perfect for a businesswoman at a political meeting.


Here, Ivanka Trump is seen standing with participants at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Meeting with groups like this is just one of many of her duties as a recent politician.


In this pic, Ivanka Trump is showing off one of her books. As well as an advisor, one of her other careers is as an author. So far, she is the author of two books: “Women Who Work” and “The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and in Life.”


One of Ivanka Trump’s other careers is as a fashion designer. Here, she is shown wearing some of her own shoe and purse designs which she wore while traveling to South Korea. She has made dozens of designs during her career as a fashion designer and businesswoman.


Some of Ivanka Trump’s best pictures come from her personal Instagram account. This pic is a great way to show off her life. She is dazzling in a beautiful red dress, no doubt ready to go to a glamorous event. And at Trump’s feet is her son, looking relaxed in some cozy jammies.


Another pic from her Instagram account shows Ivanka Trump with her husband, Jared Kushner. They sure do make an attractive couple!


This beautiful pic from Ivanka Trump’s Instagram page is from her wedding to Jared Kushner. This proves that the couple was just as cute together when they first got married as they are now.


Ivanka Trump looks as though she is trying to seduce the camera in this picture. She is carefree and beautiful, that’s for sure.


Ivanka Trump looks beautiful in this shimmery dress, and her husband looks dashing as well. Kushner and Trump look truly happy together. This beautiful couple sure does know how to dazzle. In this case, Ivanka Trump literally shines in this look.


Another picture of Ivanka Trump where she shows off an outfit from her clothing line. This dress was a part of her Fall 2015 collection. This is just another great pic that shows off how great Ivanka Trump looks, especially in black. Anybody would look amazing in this great dress, but she has a special charm all her own.